That sign said what? NYC signage fun.

All around New York City you can come across some terrific, funny, and some actually kind of scary signage just by walking around and keeping your eyes open. Here’s a few that made me laugh, and a few that made me scratch my head in wonderment which I viewed on my recent travels around town.



I could have thought they were the same thing, but one has feathers, can fly, and poop on you.





Gives new meaning to having “morning wood”!



Not that is really rhymes but it’s still not a bad idea on a weekend!








I pity the fool!

(at Crif Dogs Brooklyn)





Does he do this in the men’s bathroom of a bar?

(at Camp in Brooklyn)





Food is my master! I’m pretty sure there is no hope for me at this point!







I don’t know if I should be afraid to eat here or just light a match!

(at Swig on the UES)




It’s only pre-season and the bars have already given up on the Mets!

(at Brady’s on the UES)




Always a worthy endeavor! No sign needed to remind us of that!



Have you seen any good ones in your neck of the woods lately?


35 thoughts on “That sign said what? NYC signage fun.”

  1. Aw, man, Chicago does not have as much awesome signs as New York. I hope that changes as the weather gets warming–randomness makes me smile.

    I think my favorite sign was the “Daytime Dreaming rhymes w/ Awesome,” because it certainly does not, but the lack of rhyming makes the sign awesome.

    Fun post ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Recently? No. A while back, though, a friend of mine bought one of those hobby shops…the ones that sell stuff for model planes, trains, etc…that you can actually fly with those giant remote control thingies? The building was a hideous egg yolk yellow. On the side of the building was painted “The Hobby Shop -Toys for Men and Boys!”

    Want to take a guess at the kind of clientele walked in until they realized it was, quite literally, a hobby shop? LMAO!
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  3. Hey Phil,

    Good sign spotting! The first sign should be posted all over. My girlfriend and I took an impromptu visit to NYC to get a bite to eat. Walking down the street around 1:30 am, I saw a huge muther sucker rat run across the street in front of me, followed by two more of his buddies. Scared the freak out of me. Don’t feed the pigeons!

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