Tasty Korean Tacos and Tiger Balls at Korilla BBQ NYC!


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Terrific Korean Tacos!

Delicious new Spring Menu! Tasty Korean Tacos and Tiger Balls!

The food temptations abound and lure us in with total disregard to any diet or attempt to stay fit in our clothes. Such is the life of a NYC blogger, and the amount of good eating just never ends in this town. There is always something new and revolutionary around each corner, or hidden away on some side street that you happen to stumble upon. One such spot is Korilla BBQ down in the East Village. It is one of those places that I had walked by a bunch of times, but had never stopped in to eat at.

We were invited here this past weekend as part of a media group special tasting of their new menu items. It was a small gathering of us that were here for this invite-only event which worked out well since the place is on the smaller side and seating is limited. We arrived around 4pm and took a seat in the small dining area in the back where we were joined by other bloggers and media people. Quite a friendly crowd, and all looking forward to checking out some great food. 

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Pork, Beef, and Chicken Tacos – Korean style!

Great food it was! We were the treated to a delicious meal of terrific food options! Each item was explained to us as it was passed around. Tiger Beer was plentiful, along with some cold refreshing cucumber and green tea, and Korean lemonade made with yuzu to help wash it all down. I had never tried the non-alcoholic drinks and they were a perfect complement to the meal on this warm Summer like day.

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Delicious Tiger Balls!

They presented us with trays and trays of wonderful eats off of the new Spring and Summer menu. Each item was made right on the spot with the freshest ingredients. I would definitely come back here for lunch or dinner if in the area again. I do have to say that the tacos were filled quite well with meats, pineapple salsa, cilantro, and kimchi so they don’t skimp here. Three of them along with a drink make a fine meal choice.

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Fresh ingredients for everything here.

On the menu for us to try were Korean chips and wasabi guacamole to start (delish), Kimcheese waffle fries (whoa!), Tiger Balls (bacon kimchi fried rice balls with spicy kimchi bechamel. Yum!), three types of Korilla tacos (beef, chicken, and pork – all terrific with fresh fillings), and K-Poppers (stuffed jalapeno with kimchi cream cheese). I wish this place was uptown where I live as I could see myself having it for dinner a few nights a week. Then again, that could be dangerous! It might end up being five days a week!

Kimcheese Waffle Fries!

It’s in a perfect neighborhood for this kind of food. Plus, we were told they might stay open until 3am starting on May 28th Thursday – Saturday. Perfect munchie options after a night out bar hopping, and close to a college building where many hungry hordes no doubt will be looking to feast after classes. Plus, they also make their own version of a Korean burrito, rice bowls, and noodle plates. Some very tasty stuff on their menu.

We rolled out of here pretty stuffed, and satisfied. Thanks for the invite from Korilla BBQ and Yelp. I’ll be back with an appetite!

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32 thoughts on “Tasty Korean Tacos and Tiger Balls at Korilla BBQ NYC!”

  1. Ohh this place is right opposite my office (I work in that evil-looking black building at Astor Place) and I’ve always been scared of that bright orange store front! But this looks SO good — and it’s good to know there are a few veggie options for me… those kimcheese fries look amazinggg

    1. Hey Lydia!

      I have passed by your building many times. You’re lucky as you work by McSorely’s! I would be there every day after work, and probably drunk all the time! Check this spot out – the food is really good. Great tacos!

    1. Hey Peggy!

      Fun is a good word for their food. Great tastes and fresh ingredients made this such a winner for me. Inventive. A bit spicy on some items but not too bad. Perfect munchie food.

  2. I lurve Korean bbq. I got to meet the crew a few years back for a food network promo. There is no doubt in my mind you left needing to unbuckle your belt! Eat all the kimchi!

    1. Hey Mo!

      Oh, this was a belt buster! It was a special media event for writers, food bloggers, and a few Yelpers that were invited in to check out their new menu items. Delish!

  3. I hate to admit it, but this is the first time I wasn’t drooling over the food. I’m sure it was tasty, but it just didn’t appeal to me. 🙁

    1. Hey Terrye!

      I don’t usually eat a lot of this style but it won me over and now I’m a fan! Keep reading, as I have a lot more food to cover here. I’ll have you drooling again!

    1. Hey Kitt!

      I was actually quite surprised at how good it was. Now I want more!

      Tiger Balls were bacon kimchi fried rice balls with spicy kimchi bechamel. Lightly fried goodness!

      I know you probably smirked when reading that I ate balls! 😉

  4. You are the bravest foodie ever!! I am so picky although you wouldn’t think that by seeing my waist line. I am not so sure about kimchi but the way you described everything and the pictures , they look great and I would even try.
    Very lucky to be on the invite list!

    1. Hey Holli!

      I ain’t that brave but sometimes I need to try out new tastes. This was pretty darn good. The ingredients they use in their tacos are so fresh and tasty. Worth a try!

  5. It all looks and sounds so great. Even the side (wasabi guacamole, I HAVE to try that). Tiger Balls, though, couldn’t they call that something else?

    1. Hey Karen!

      That version of guac with their own seasoned chips rocked!

      Have to admit Tiger Balls are a funny name! Yet, I could not put enough balls in my mouth! 🙂

  6. Tiger balls sounds a lot more appealing than shrimp balls or buffalo balls. But, I’m not a fan of kimchi so I’d probably pass. The tacos, however, hmmm. I’m game!

    1. Hey Kim!

      Oh hell no when it comes to buffalo balls! The tacos here were very good. Korean style – who knew it would be so good! I’m now a fan!

  7. Ha ha..Korilla?? What a name! I’ve never had tacos in Korea, but I’ve tried the ssäms at Momofuku Ssäm and it was delicious. The ones you had looks really tasty too and I’m curious about those tiger balls? Made from tigers? :):)

  8. That’s very cool you were specially invited there for the tasting of new menu items. You are really making waves in the food blogging world, Phil, and you deserve all of the success!! 🙂

    1. Hey Christy!

      Thanks! Not sure if I am a real food blogger, but I do like to write about my gluttony adventures! It is a nice perk being invited to these events I’ll admit!

  9. It must be hell being a restaurant reviewer in New York, staggering from one eating place to another, swilling fine wine and gobbling down the best food in town. Sheer hell!

  10. Yes. Oh yes! I loooooove Korean food although I’ve never heard of Korean Tacos but when in New York n’ all that! It’s so nice to be invited to media bashes and indulge in our other more respectable side. I tend to end up with champs, cocktails and G&T’s. Very little food in Germany. It’s Berlin. Nobody eats you see. It’s all about the booze… You must have been stuffed! Now get out there and do some push ups!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      That’s right – New York is way ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to food inventions! It’s a smorgasborg here!

      I really dug the Korean eats here. So different and so tasty. Yeah, as you know it’s cool to be invited to media bashes and tastings. I was so stuffed for sure, and gym the next day!

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