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Hey NYC – Here comes the Swamp Ass!


I was one of the many lamenting the long dreary winter not too long ago. Until after this past weekend on June 1 when the environment decided to smack us all in the face here in NYC with a wall of hot humid muggy air and humidity. Then the skies opened up and drenched us all. Ugh. Talk about total suckage! Now, I know there are many out there that love the hot weather and absolutely hate the winter season as it’s cold and unforgivably seems to last forever here in the Northeast. Personally, I enjoy the cold air and don’t think we have been hit too hard with many bad winters these past bunch of years. Most have been quite mild actually with few real snowfalls of any accumulation to make much of a difference. Yet, there are many that whine and complain all winter long. They relish the feel of 90 degree hot sticky days and all the sweatiness that accompanies it.

Not me! I don’t know about you but to me there is no enjoyment of having SWAMP ASS! Continue reading Hey NYC – Here comes the Swamp Ass!

Spam Spam Spam Spam. Spammity Spam!

482191_432760076799922_808122176_nIt amazes me at times the kind of comments and opinions I have received on my blog since I started it back in October 2012. Now, I love my readers and appreciate every comment – good, bad, positive, negative, funny, etc. I make it a point to reply to each one when I have the time and always set aside some to do so. Along the way though I have received some “interesting” comments that get captured in the handy dandy spam filter – thank goodness for that tool! Usually I will leave them in there for a week before looking through and deleting them one by one. It does make me laugh at how blatently obvious the spam that they are. You can always tell because they never comment on the actual post it’s attached to, but usually consists of some sort of sales pitch, foreign language, or some crazy gobbledygook that makes little to no sense at all. I do find it humorous too at the messages some send to the posts they are commenting about. Just cleaning out the spam filter today I discovered these gems with the post they commented on –

 ( The High Line – A Garden Oasis In The NYC Sky

“Hihi, have you heard of this method known as the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look for it on google). My sister says it helps? people burn fat. What do you think?…”

– Are you calling me fat? If I didn’t have a Big Mac and fries in my hands right now I’d knock your ass out! Continue reading Spam Spam Spam Spam. Spammity Spam!

Pajama Bottoms in public? Why NYC? Why?


Why oh why do I see more and more people wearing pajama bottoms out in public nowadays? It just seems weird to me that people actually think this is an acceptable look. I just think they look like crazy people. Like “People of Walmart” crazy people. Now, I can understand if it’s the middle of the night and your dog has to take a crap, but seriously, don’t you have a pair of jeans or athletic pants lying around to throw on when heading out to the supermarket, local bodega, or resto to pick something up? This is becoming an epidemic as bad as the idiots I see wearing their pants halfway down their legs showing off their underwear. Is there an island or someplace we can ship these people off too? Oh wait, Manhattan is an island. I guess we are stuck with them and their dress code of stupidity. Continue reading Pajama Bottoms in public? Why NYC? Why?

Don’t wig out on me man!


What is up with all the dudes I am seeing in NYC lately wearing wigs on their heads? I mean really guys you are fooling nobody. Some of them look like you should have a chin strap attached to it. Others look like a dead animal is perched atop your noggins. Then there are those that just make no sense such as the older guys with grey hair peeking out under a dark brown/black hair piece and they look like hair helmets. Are men in this city so vain and insecure that they feel the need to modify what nature has given them in their DNA? We all know that most times male pattern baldness is caused by genetics and there is no real way to change that unless you go for the expensive hair follicle replacement procedures you see in all those infomercials. Men just seem to have such an inferiority complex when it comes to the hair thing. Those commercials do crack me up. Continue reading Don’t wig out on me man!