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Bondurants – beer, cocktails & whiskey love in my NYC hood!

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Oh Yorkville, you are making me even love you more. Bondurants is an awesome new bar addition in the area! Super craft beer selection that rotates weekly. Superlative whiskey list. Some terrific house cocktails to choose from along with a small eclectic food list. Inviting rustic decor with cool rock music playing. A more adult mixed crowd that flies in the face of the frat boy clientele in the area. How did this wonderful place happen to show up here and not in Brooklyn or the Lower East Side?

Oh, that’s right! Because the UES/Yorkville part of town is starting to explode with great bars and restaurants all over! Once the 2nd Ave subway is finished this will become the hot spot of town to eat and drink at even more so. For those of us who live up here we know this is the “undiscovered country” with many gems that those who refuse to venture above 14th street even know about. That’s ok, because we like it that way. I don’t even have to leave my hood anymore to have a great beer, quality cocktail, or tasty meal!

Yorkville: The final frontier. To explore strange new bars, to seek out new restaurants and new gathering spots, to boldly go where no man has partied before! (as narrated by William Shatner)

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