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Spring weather, bar crawls, and getting drunk in NYC!


It’s the inevitable changing of the guard here in NYC when the seasons change and the citizens of this fair city seems to go berzerk. Including myself. Maybe it’s because we all go cabin fever crazy after the long Winters here. As the first warm sunny days of Spring finally arrive we get all giddy with anticipation. Outdoor seating along all the restaurants on the avenues magically appear. Daylight savings time hits and we have longer hours of sun. The bars and restos open up the front windows letting in an al fresco dining and drinking environment. People are happy and overjoyed to finally be outside. Seems as if all the bars are doing hopping business. In my little part of the world on the Upper East Side of NYC where I reside in Yorkville there has been a slow transformation happening. Normally, this part of town has been more affordable to live in, but also had a stigma of being on the “older grandma and granpa” side with a mix of “old money folks” and “frat boy and sorostitute” bar scene mixed in. Wow – has that seemingly changed overnight as this area has been revitalized with a mix of terrific craft beer and cocktail bars, along with a big time food scene. Sure, it will never be the Lower East Side, Meatpacking District, or Village nightlife destination, but hot damn I don’t have to go downtown to get absolutely blotto anymore along with stuffing myself into a food coma!

Holy crap was I drunk on Sunday! Black. Out. Drunk.

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