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Philly Cheesesteaks & Craft Beer in NYC? Oh yes, at Shorty’s!

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Over 20 craft beers on tap – check!

Sports shown on the large 20 flat screens all around – check!

Beer flights – check!

Friendly service, back patio, and most of all delicious Cheesesteak Sandwiches – Check, Check, and Check!

Hello Yorkville! Another great new biz that was surely needed along 1st Avenue up near where I live in NYC and a great addition to the hood. Shorty’s Cheesesteaks brings the mouth watering comfort food staple of Philly right up here to NYC. No need to head 3-4 hours down the Jersey turnpike to get a bite of one now since it’s right up here in my backyard. This could be a blessing and a curse! Deez damn cheesesteaks are just so dang delectable!

The selection of crafty brews here makes it so easy to wash down a great cheesesteak sandwich. Actually, 24 in total served nice and cold. Last time I was here I tried out a flight of beers in the above picture which was a terrific choice. Loved my first taste of a sandwich at Shorty’s. A big key is the exceptional bread they serve it on – light, soft, and a bit crispy at the same time. The juicy meat and gooey cheese is packed inside and tastes oh-so-gut-busting-belt-loosening gloriously orgasmic! I could really eat two in one sitting. Don’t judge! Hey, this ain’t no Weight Watchers meal here! Dig in and don’t count calories! Continue reading Philly Cheesesteaks & Craft Beer in NYC? Oh yes, at Shorty’s!