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Do they really think we are that stupid? Really?


Sometimes I really feel that companies who advertise think the American public are mindless stupid sheep. Do they really think we are that dumb? I’m one of those guys that has been around the block a few times, and have even become possibly a bit jaded living all these years in NYC. It takes a lot to pull the wool over this dude’s eyes. I can smell a scam a mile away. I don’t get fooled too easily or caught up in hype. Lately, I have seen and experienced things that make me laugh at the gall some businesses have. It has gotten to the point of exasperation with the ridiculousness of it all. I think it’s time for a ranting and raving session!


I saw probably the bazillionth car commercial last night that touts its “highway mileage”. Has anyone noticed over the last few years that car companies refuse to talk about the “city mileage” anymore in any of their commercials? We all know that cars get better gas mileage while driving longer distances on a highway, but most people use their cars for local driving. The automobile companies think they can fool us with the better highway number while ignoring that fact of the lower city mileage totally. I don’t know why it irks me considering I don’t own a car but it does. Continue reading Do they really think we are that stupid? Really?

More spam craziness! The strangeness never ends!


Not too long ago I put up a post regarding all the spam messages I receive on this blog. Some were your basic messages just trying to sell me something, and others were just a bag of crazy. I recently looked into my bag of spam and fished out a few messages that I had to comment on. What do you think?

You’re not the overall blog article playwright, staff. You totally have a little important to bring about the web. Such a fantastic blog. In poor health return another time pertaining to further.

– Can I have some of the drugs you were on when you wrote this? Continue reading More spam craziness! The strangeness never ends!

Why Is It That These Things Happen To Us? Why?


Why? Why me? Why now? Why Dammit, Why?!!!

You ever wonder why certain things happen to certain people. During certain times of the day, or when it is most inconvenient? You just want to throw your hands up in the air and scream. Or give up. Or start crying. There is no way to tell where or when these things will occur, but just be assured they will happen to any of us when we really don’t need it.


Why is it when you’re a in rush to get somewhere you get a very slow cab driver?

Why is it when you need pants your one size is never there when shopping?

Why is it when you go out to eat the special of the day is sold out? Continue reading Why Is It That These Things Happen To Us? Why?

Things we stand in line for in NYC. That’s Cray Cray!


We who live here in NYC spend an awful lot of time standing around in lines waiting for things. I’ll admit, at times I am one of those fools too, but as I am getting older (and more wiser) I have to say that I just don’t have the patience for it anymore. I mean, if it’s for something extremely worthwhile such as free concert tickets or to a special event that just might entice me. Otherwise, don’t expect me to waste hours of my precious time on a slow moving line with a bunch of other noobs for anything. We are a fast paced city here. We act and move quickly. We hustle. Why anyone would lose precious sleep or time to wait for certain things on long ass lines just goes to show the extent some will go through. Call it nutty, call it absurd, just don’t call it logical. Some of these people are totally Cray Cray!

The movies are one. Why do people here in NYC feel the need to wait on mega long lines just to go see a popular movie on opening night? That is the worst time to go. Plus, the theater is packed with annoying people who won’t shut up, have their phones on during the movie, obnoxious little kids, crying babies, and there is usually the freakishly tall person who just happens to take the seat right in front of you. Thanks for blocking my view Gigantaur! Buy your tickets on-line or in advance and wait a few days. Even better, just wait a few weeks and it will be on DVD! Continue reading Things we stand in line for in NYC. That’s Cray Cray!