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My flatulent thoughts on taking a big one in NYC!


There is one thing that most New Yorkers really dread when out and about in NYC. Where to go to the bathroom when the urge strikes. It’s not like we have porta potties on each street corner, and most of those are abominations anyway. Have you ever had to go so bad that a porta potty was the only option? Now, don’t get me wrong as being a guy and having to pee we can pretty much do that anywhere. Women have a different problem as you gals need to sit down to take care of business. We can just stand there and admire the golden shower. Woman can do the hover if needed. Where the real terror comes in is when the #2 hits. The crappola. The need to lay some cable. The time to drop the kids off at the pool. What do we do when there is nowhere to go, or all that’s available is a porta potty? You ever see what some people do in a porta potty? It’s like they filmed “The Exorcist” in some of them. That, or a bad B grade slasher movie. Heaven forbid you get in one with no toilet paper. Sure, there are some pay toilets here and there in NYC but they are never where you need them to be when your sphincter is on fire and you are squeezing your butt cheeks tight waddling around in need of sweet merciful relief.  Continue reading My flatulent thoughts on taking a big one in NYC!