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Ithaka – Plate smashing Greek eats in my hood of NYC! OPA!


As most people who live on the Upper East Side know the 2nd Avenue subway construction has been greatly affecting the businesses in the area, and they need support, as many have gone under over the past few years. Not too long ago we took advantage of the first Restaurant Week of the Upper East Side with many eateries offering a 20% discount, or a $20.16 three course dinner in honor of the year this monstrosity is supposed to be completed. (I’ll believe that when I see it!) Now, as we often do when going out for dinner we normally stay close to our area. As creatures of habit sometimes we need to force ourselves to travel elsewhere but with so many terrific restaurants in our part of town to tempt our taste buds and tickle our palates there is really no reason to travel far from our apartment. One of the spots we like for some Greek delight is Ithaka. A long time mainstay serving up great food in a fun, classy, but casual environment.

Warm bread and pita pieces
Warm bread and pita pieces

Good thing we made reservations as the place was packed that night! As you walk in you are greeted by whitewashed walls with wood accents, Greek centric pictures and knick knacks hanging all around, dark wood beams centered across the white ceiling, curved arches reminicent of Greek architecture. It almost looks like a restaurant pulled right out of the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Crowd definitely leans to the older side, as it looks like a lot of the senior folks who live in the hood are regulars here. The crowd even made us feel like youngsters eating at the kiddie table. It’s the type of place to bring mom and dad to when visiting. The special deal did bring in more of a mixed crowd though as it was filled with a diverse clientele. Who cares about the crowd as the food is what counts, and it is wonderful here! Totally fresh with a homemade comfort feel to it, as if an old Grecian grandma is cooking in the kitchen using her recipe book handed down from her mom and grandma. Continue reading Ithaka – Plate smashing Greek eats in my hood of NYC! OPA!