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Cask Bar & Kitchen – a bit of class in Bro-Murray Hill NYC.


Now this is a place to grab a proper pint! You ever see the outside of an establishment and then wander inside and feel as if you just walked into an optical illusion? I felt like we walked into a movie set or somewhere in another country. Cask Bar & Kitchen is like that. It takes you away and feel as you are no longer in NYC for a few hours. What amazing decor and ambience. Dark woods, wrought iron railings, candles, oil lamps, cool hanging filament lighting, all types of antique radios and articles are placed on shelves throughout. Brick walls adorned with old paintings and barrel tops add to the classic comfort feel of this fine bar/restaurant. The lighting is dark and romantic inside which adds to the overall vibe. Good selection of music playing just tops it off.

I put my name on the waiting list and told it would be a 30 minute wait. No problem as we found some empty seats at the large bar and settled in for a few tasty beers. They carry a real nice selection of craft beers and cask ales. We went for Ommegang Rare Vos which is a terrific creamy amber Belgian style beer. The bartenders are very accommodating here and they gave us samples of a few beers to try, and were actually very knowledgeable in describing them. Very friendly, hospitable, and beer nerds – always a plus. Continue reading Cask Bar & Kitchen – a bit of class in Bro-Murray Hill NYC.