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A Big Ass Man Cave Bar Opens Up In Murray Hill NYC!


Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to a pre-grand opening night at the new Bottomzup Bar and Grill located in the Murray Hill/Kips Bay area of Manhattan. Being that this part of town is also known as “Bro Hill” because of all the frat bars in the area I did not know what to think of another bar opening up along 3rd Avenue in the 20’s. Well, when I walked in my mind was blown! All I could see were flat screens as far as the eye could see. 45 sixty inch flat screens! Stadium-like sound system. Photos and pictures of famous athletes, teams, and sports shots placed floor to ceiling. A sushi and raw bar. In a sports bar! Full bar area with their own specialty cocktails, drink specials, and plenty of seating. 14 beers on tap and even more in bottles. Super friendly and attentive staff. No matter where you sat there was a birds eye view of any game you wanted to see. This is the ultimate football and sports watchers bar!

As a guy that has followed New York sports my whole life, and as a sports fan in general, I can truly appreciate the attention to detail and planning that went into a bar such as this. There is so much to look at here! Along with plenty to eat and drink. Continue reading A Big Ass Man Cave Bar Opens Up In Murray Hill NYC!

People Stalking Celebrities in NYC!


What is it with people that they have to be so star struck when they see a celebrity in their midst? As a long time New Yorker living in Manhattan for over 15 years now I have bumped into my fair share of stars from movies, tv, and music, yet I have never gone out of my way to acknowledge any of them. I don’t get all googley eyed and stalkerish when I see one as many others seem to do. I just don’t get it. Maybe after all these years I am just a jaded New York citizen as many of us become living here. We see it all here and just go on about our normal daily activities. I do have to admit that with my occupation I have had access to some movie premiers and events where I have hobnobbed with a few big names. Still, I have never begged for an autograph or pestered any of them for a photograph. It just doesn’t feel right to me, and honestly I could care less who they are or what they do for a living. I have my own life to live. Continue reading People Stalking Celebrities in NYC!

Kaia Wine Bar. A touch of South Africa in NYC!

Photo credit - Kaia Wine Bar
Photo credit – Kaia Wine Bar

“An open note to all those who live below 86th street” –  Please stay away from my new home away from home. Seriously, if I see any LES, Brooklynites, Murray Hill, Chelsea, Tribeca, West Siders, or anyone else who does not belong in this area on the UES crowding up my new home and taking up my seat at the bar I will have to kill you. Painfully, tortuously, and slow.

All kidding aside Kaia Wine Bar is a must needed and welcome addition to this barren strip of land on 3rd Ave and 91 street. Nothing like this South African centric wine bar in the immediate area. Walking in you are invited to a warm, cozy, sexy, and dimly lit interior. Candles in small mason jars, on all the tables, and hanging in the front windows flicker with cool ambiance. The decor is modern-chic and calming. Large bar centers the room, dark wood tables and window counter seating line the stamped concrete floor, exposed brick wall, bench seating in the far corner, and funky retro looking lights hang above the bar. Old stove from 1919 leans against the far wall serving as an anchor and viewpoint when walking in. African inspired music plays in the background at a smooth level that never overpowers conversation. Continue reading Kaia Wine Bar. A touch of South Africa in NYC!

Experiencing Zarkana by Cirque du Soleil in NYC!


Not too long ago I was one of the lucky few who scored tickets to Yelp Night at Zarkana and enjoyed the event immensely!

Now, I have seen many Cirque du Soleil shows from NY to Vegas to Orlando, and even though I thought this was a notch below the performance and story levels of the others it is still a spectacle to behold.

The amazing athleticism, balance, timing, and strength that the performers utilize in each act is sometimes breathtaking, and very hard to fathom even trying any of it myself. Even though I work out and am pretty fit these professionals just blow me away. The trapeze artists, feats of strength, acrobats, jugglers, etc, all put on a show of skill with nerves of steel. I would be a mess if I tried any of it! Call the ambulance!

Continue reading Experiencing Zarkana by Cirque du Soleil in NYC!