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Get a Fried Chicken Baby Belly at Bobwhite NYC!

One of the finest fried chicken dinners I have eaten here in the city!

Seems like many spots are opening up across NYC nowadays touting their famous fried chicken. I have tried many of them but still keep coming back to Bobwhite to get my fried chicken fix. Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter is the shady street corner pusher feeding my fried chicken addiction.

And why not? Their chicken kicks ass!

It’s a small spot so sometimes there is a wait. No biggie as it seems most will come here to chow down then leave and not linger. I really hate those people who will hang around and talk and talk after they are finished and just sip their drinks or ask for more water taking forever to give up the table. Get done and get the heck out!  How dare you make us wait in starving drooling anticipation! Leave! Continue reading Get a Fried Chicken Baby Belly at Bobwhite NYC!

Come get your cheesy Mac Daddy on in NYC March 29th!


If there is one thing that many of us crave it’s a mouth watering cheesy gooey mac and cheese! Even those who are lactose intolerant will suffer through the cramps and pain to indulge in this classic comfort food staple. Along with a few cold beers to help wash it down makes for a tasty meal any time of day! Now along comes a cheesy good event right here in NYC this weekend for those mac and cheese aficionados that can’t get enough of this culinary delight! Join the folks behind the Big Cheesy grilled-cheese competition for The Mac Daddy—the ultimate mac-and-cheese showdown featuring six of NYC’s top cheesy macs selected by Time Out from our favorite local restaurants, with chefs vying for the chance to be crowned NYC’s best mac and cheese.

Glug down Goose Island beer as you sample your way through this competition, featuring masterful mac-and-cheese riffs from the city’s top comfort-food purveyors. Just like the winter’s Big Cheesy grilled-cheese showdown, indulge in these delectable dishes and cast your vote for the Time Out–curated contender you want crowned as New York’s top macaroni. The big gooey cheese king! Continue reading Come get your cheesy Mac Daddy on in NYC March 29th!

Let’s take a delicious trip to Heidi’s House in NYC!


Sometimes while walking the streets in this city you can still be surprised by what you will find when going down a block rarely visited. Such was the case not too long ago when I was on my way to a wine tasting event at a local store. As I was hurrying down 78th street towards York Ave I noticed this quaint little storefront with an old set of table and chairs having flowers and lights adorning them. I did a double take as I walked by, stopped in my path, and walked a few steps backwards to take a peek inside. Turns out, it was a very small wine bar. I grabbed a business card from the table outside and went to the event.

Heidi’s House By The Side Of The Road. I had not seen anything like this spot up here on the UES / Yorkville area I live in.

Continue reading Let’s take a delicious trip to Heidi’s House in NYC!