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Munching a tasty box close to home! Akami Sushi in NYC.

Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box lunch special!

It’s a steamy swamp-assy Sunday afternoon in NYC and I was starving. Did not want to walk far in this heat wave. Looked around for a tasty new box in my hood that I could bite into and not become a soaked mess.

All I had to do was walk around the block and this hot box was right in my face! Boom!

Akami Sushi located on 1st Avenue up in Yorkville is one of those places I never ventured into, even though it is right next to one of my regular bodegas. Bento Box lunch special for $9.50 until 4pm! Great value. Nothing like wrapping my lips around a tasty box close to home!

I read over the menu outside this sushi joint on 1st Ave advertising some lunch specials that run until late in the afternoon and realized they offer many choices. I’m always into getting my lips around a tasty new box so I slipped inside. Heck, now I kick myself for not eating out this box much sooner. Continue reading Munching a tasty box close to home! Akami Sushi in NYC.

The Burger Bistro – The Joy of Tots & Unicorn Farts in NYC.


Tater tots ease the pain of life’s follies and miseries. Tots make life happy and worth living. Biting into one makes me see unicorns and fart rainbows. Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

When I heard that a Burger Bistro was opening up shop here on the UES in Yorkville NYC I was ecstatic. I had been to their Brooklyn location and really enjoyed what they had to offer. This part of Manhattan is undergoing a tremendous change with terrific bars and eateries finding homes up here. More and more I really don’t see the need to schlep downtown, or to another borough to partake in good food and quality cocktails, especially now that I can get a craft beer and terrific burger a few blocks away from my apartment! Continue reading The Burger Bistro – The Joy of Tots & Unicorn Farts in NYC.

TAO – now that’s a big ass Buddha in NYC!

Photo credit – TAO

As I recently dined here over a client lunch meeting it had dawned on me that I had never frequented TAO before even after all my years living in NYC. Terrific lunch special of appetizer, entree, and dessert for $27.50 made it an easy choice. Wonderful spot for an early afternoon client business meal for sure and I was greatly pleased. I had read so many mixed reviews of TAO but I must say the experience we had was pretty darn good! 

We were seated on the balcony level overlooking the main dining floor below and the views added to the overall ambiance here. Nice landscape of the massive Buddha preciding over the facility. Our waitress was wonderful and took care of us even with special requests. Never had to wait for our water glass to be refilled. Our food was brought out as requested and we were quite pleased with our selections. As I could not just whip out my camera and start shooting interior and food pics during this meeting I had to make do with some of TAO’s stock images. My client would have thought I was a flake posing for food shots! Continue reading TAO – now that’s a big ass Buddha in NYC!

Craftbar NYC – a worthwhile Restaurant Week menu!

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Normally, Restaurant Week in NYC is a mishmash of menus that most times do not really reflect what the participating eateries offer on a daily basis, and many are mediocre at best. I have had my share of acceptable and below par experiences with this special week of dining deals, but sometimes one does come through to satisfy my gluttonous desires. A recent lunch at Craftbar left me actually wanting to come back here again. That is key to why these restaurants get involved with this – to make people come back and dine off the regular menus. It always makes me scratch my head as to why certain establishments refuse to put on the RW menu some of their better offerings, and eschew totally what their cuisine really is. Case in point – a steakhouse that refuses to place steak on the menu. If they do there is usually an extra surcharge of $7-$10 which kind of deflates the purpose. Lunch is $25 for three courses, and dinner $38 for three courses. It also makes me laugh when I see some of these places use the same menu for both. Why even bother if they’re not even going to make an effort. Mix it up a bit! Continue reading Craftbar NYC – a worthwhile Restaurant Week menu!