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The Village Voice Brunch Eats in NYC on the Intrepid!


Now, here in NYC we all love the cool events and happenings that are afforded to the fair citizens of this metropolis. We also love brunch. Especially if booze is involved. Oh, booze must be involved! There is no brunch like a boozy brunch. Heck, sometimes people like myself even enjoy breakfast foods for dinner. Combine eating breakfast for dinner while sipping cocktails on board the deck of an aircraft carrier with a view of the NYC skyline all lit up at night and that makes our heads explode!

The Village Voice’s inaugural Brunch Eats on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 will be a Breakfast-for-Dinner event held from 8:00pm-11:00pm. The sister event to the annual SELL OUT event Choice Eats, Brunch Eats will feature 20+ of New York City’s top restaurants and bakeries lauded in the Village Voice who will present their best breakfast bites, mouth-watering brunch dishes plus themed cocktails including bloody marys, mimosas, bellinis, coffee, live music and more.

Guests will sample and sip from all attending participants for one ticket price aboard the Flight Deck on top of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum amongst propeller planes that were used during World War II. Guests can expect to rise and dine with breakfast and brunch favorites ranging from doughnuts to eggs and bacon to pastries. Oh My!!!

Check out the list of participants so far (drooling over here already) – Continue reading The Village Voice Brunch Eats in NYC on the Intrepid!

A hidden cocktail emporium in Chinatown – Apotheke NYC

Photo credit - Apotheke
Photo credit – Apotheke

Sometimes late at night when you are a bit drunk, well actually A LOT drunk, and wandering down a dark street or alley you think to yourself while the mind is all fuzzy that this might not be a good idea. Wandering down a dark, abandoned, and kind of seedy back street in Chinatown NYC might not be the best move you think. Walking through an unmarked door into a shadowy abandoned Chinese restaurant also might be an invitation to a body part harvesting situation. Eh – you’re drunk and throw caution to the wind. Don’t think my liver is worth much anyway at this point with all the abuse I put it through.

Lo and behold what you have just walked into is another mood-setting darkly lit speakeasy called Apotheke. Hidden behind an old sign that reads “Gold Flower Restaurant” this weathered down and beaten up storefront actually conceals a terrific bar serving proper libations cooked up by expert mixologists. Think “Prohibition Era” fun! Continue reading A hidden cocktail emporium in Chinatown – Apotheke NYC