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Dining among the czars! The Russian Tea Room NYC.

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Dining among the czars!

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal here last while taking advantage of a Restaurant Week lunch deal. It was perfect timing as I had the holiday off from work and scheduled a 1:30 reservation on the first day of RW. Now, I see many mixed reviews of The Russian tea Room that range from the one-star haters to the five star over-gushers, and can be thankful that we had a genuinely terrific time here in an old school NYC institution.

I just love all these old time landmark places, and am finally glad to have checked Russian Tea Room off my list of must visits. Yes, the decor is beautiful in a gaudy Sean Connery – James Bond Russian cold war era kind of way. Sure, it’s busy, crowded, and very touristy. Yes, the food choices are not for everyone and it is definitely very pricey. Many uppity ladies who lunch, well to do couples, and business power brokers fill the room. Still, it’s been around since the 1920’s so they must be doing something right! Continue reading Dining among the czars! The Russian Tea Room NYC.