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Are all gyms full of idiots? Training hard in NYC and beyond!


Now that I have been back in the gym for a solid month now I can already feel and see the changes to my physique. I have always been a bit of a gym rat and love the feel of the iron, along with a good sweat that only a hard workout can offer. I have been in the gym most every day trainging for the August 3rd Warrior Dash that I am running in for charity, and so far am half way to my donation goal. (http://blog.theregularguynyc.com/?p=3411) With still over a month to go I am hoping to achieve it and also make a good showing running through the course obstacles without breaking any bones!

It’s funny though the things I have seen in the gyms I have been training at lately. I have been on the road for biz and then on vacation so I have trained at four different gyms during this time. Let me tell you the idiots I see at each one and the things they do are universal. The idiocy knows no bounds! Let me extrapoliate for a minute or two here. Continue reading Are all gyms full of idiots? Training hard in NYC and beyond!

Subway cell phone torture. Thanks NYC. What’s next?

482191_432760076799922_808122176_nJust great! Now with the recent announcement from the city that the subway platforms will be outfitted for cell phone reception we will lose our precious few minutes of the day for some relative peace and quiet. It’s one thing to deal with the occasional dolt who gets in the way while walking and not paying attention when chatting away on the phone. I can’t wait until we hear these morons yelling out “can you hear me now?” while getting in the way of entering or exiting the trains. I can see these idiots holding the train doors open as they desperately try to finish their calls. Yeah, the last thing I want to hear are stupid conversations below ground when waiting for the subway in the morning, and groggy with my cup of coffee. Get ready for the fights to begin! At least it’s just on West side for now, then Queens next year, and the East side where I live will be last from what I read. Thank goodness. I can just imagine what will be the next things allowed in the subway system as the MTA and NYC tries to generate more revenue. What will these brainthrusts come up with next? Continue reading Subway cell phone torture. Thanks NYC. What’s next?

Winter Storms, Beer, NYC, and Cupid!


I have to say I am a pretty happy dude living in Manhattan right now. With the recent winter storm Nemo dropping by for a visit dumping over 30-38 inches of snow in areas such as Long Island, Boston, Connecticut, and parts of New England it has caused a major headache. People are still snowed in their homes. Roads are still closed. Airports are playing catch up over cancelled flights. People’s cars are still stranded and buried under mounds of snow. The morning commute for many will be a nightmare as people try to get to work and back to normal. We actually lucked out and only received around ten inches of snow here in the city. Seems like most of the streets were plowed and sidewalks were shoveled pretty quickly by Saturday afternoon. With the temps above freezing and sunny skies out this weekend a lot of it melted here already. So how did I deal with this snowy weekend? I went out for some drinks with a friend!

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