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Pour a cold one at home with the Draftmark Home Tap System


In the words of Benjamin Franklin – “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. Even if he didn’t really say it I have read it on enough t-shirts to appreciate the quote itself.

Now, I’ll admit to enjoying a cold tasty beer now and then. Whether I stay in the local area around where I live in NYC, or head downtown to grab a brew with friends. Yet, there have been many times my lazy butt would like the same tap beer experience from the comfort of my own couch. A cold pint, my flat screen TV, and my feet up kicking back.

Just so happens that recently my prayers were answered by the Beer Gods themselves when I was contacted to partake in a sampling of the Draftmark Home Tap System! Of course I accepted the offer, because, well…..Beer! Like I was really going to decline? Beer delivered right to my door, courtesy of Fresh Direct who they have worked out a distribution deal with for the NYC area. Damn, it can’t get any simpler since we here in Manhattan live off of food and meal deliveries! Continue reading Pour a cold one at home with the Draftmark Home Tap System