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The 4DX Movie Experience. This NYC Guy Approves!

4DX is an awesome way to see an action or sci-fi movie! It’s like being on a ride at Universal Studios for two hours! A bit pricey at almost $30 a ticket but worth it for a specific flick. Definitely a way to do a dinner and movie night with some friends. You’ll be laughing the whole time.

Thanks to Yelp we were able to experience Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 on 4DX as part of a Yelp Elite event and was blown away by how much fun it was. Free popcorn and soda was also a nice perk! At times I did see someone’s popcorn go flying here and there. Bouncy Bouncy! Continue reading The 4DX Movie Experience. This NYC Guy Approves!

People Stalking Celebrities in NYC!


What is it with people that they have to be so star struck when they see a celebrity in their midst? As a long time New Yorker living in Manhattan for over 15 years now I have bumped into my fair share of stars from movies, tv, and music, yet I have never gone out of my way to acknowledge any of them. I don’t get all googley eyed and stalkerish when I see one as many others seem to do. I just don’t get it. Maybe after all these years I am just a jaded New York citizen as many of us become living here. We see it all here and just go on about our normal daily activities. I do have to admit that with my occupation I have had access to some movie premiers and events where I have hobnobbed with a few big names. Still, I have never begged for an autograph or pestered any of them for a photograph. It just doesn’t feel right to me, and honestly I could care less who they are or what they do for a living. I have my own life to live. Continue reading People Stalking Celebrities in NYC!