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Shanghaied away to Chinatown at the Shanghai Cafe NYC!

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Holy Godmother of Chinatown for the love of all that is unholy and absurd I am STILL FREAKING STUFFED the morning after this epic meal!

That was the uneasy but all so knowing feeling I have when consuming a fantastic meal which leaves an impression on me the next day. We have such a mixed group of great friends who knows their stuff when it comes to terrific places and hidden gems to dine at here in NYC. It’s a blessing and a curse! Rich Wong and Sally Wong ( not married but have the same last name – boy that will be easy if they marry! ), an Asian couple who are wonderful people and never steer us wrong when it comes to introducing us to eats in Chinatown had a get together a while back at Shanghai Cafe that I still remember to this day. They suggested this spot and we readily agreed to join in.  Why would we ever doubt them? Because – HOT DAMN – Sally and Rich know some of the BEST spots to chow down at here! Along the sometimes suspect odorous and shady streets of Chinatown lie some AMAZING places to take a seat and dine at, and this was one of them.

Can I say CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP? The amount of food we devoured and the final bill that was split between about a dozen of us was ridiculous when we realized it was around $20 a person. Cash only here but it didn’t matter. We ate like ravenous wilderbeasts and even brought some home there was so much food to go around.

Here’s just a sampling of Rich and Sally’s menu they picked out for us. FOOD PORN. Oh, we let them do all the ordering since we had little clue what was on the menu, and they are also able to speak the language. It’s called TRUST my friends! Well rewarded trust. Continue reading Shanghaied away to Chinatown at the Shanghai Cafe NYC!

Happy Thanksgiving from your celebrity chefs!


Well, here we are today on one of the biggest gluttony days of the year – Thanksgiving! It’s a day meant for family and friends to gather around the table and stuff ourselves silly feasting on ridiculous amounts of turkey, stuffing, yams, and pie. Lots of pie. Oh, glorious, pumpkin pie. Not to mention those annoying green things called vegetables for those of you who prefer a bit of healthiness mixed in with your engorgement. Along with those annoying family members, arguments, loud talking, drunken uncles, and the occassional fisticuffs that occur on this day of thanks dysfunction normally rules. Yet, we all put up with it and look forward to this day each year as not only does it bring a reason to pig out on tasty food, but for many it is a four day weekend!

I was watching the Food Network recently and just wondered what Thanksgiving holiday wishes would be like from a few of the celebrity chefs out there…… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving from your celebrity chefs!

Ya mon! Take a trip to The Islands for tastee Caribbean food!

Photo Credit - Dorian P - Yelp
Jerk chicken – Photo Credit – Dorian P – Yelp

Ya mon! Dis be an epic hole in the wall for tastee Caribbean food!

I felt like I was back in The Islands, as I was washed away to Jerk Chicken goodness. As we were at the nearby Brooklyn Museum on a Saturday night for a few hours our group was famished and needed some nourishment – stat! It was recommended by a friend that we hit this place up as the food is off the hook, and she was more than right!

Yes, there always seems to be a line at this place, and a hustling take out business going on. We waited for over an hour to get a table in the small upstairs dining room, and it was well worth it. The whole place is the size of a shoe box. It’s the epitome of “hole in the wall”. I love these kinds of spots. The upstairs attic dining area has about four tables in it, and a low ceiling that you almost bump your head on. The kitchen is a small spot up front manned by a few people who pump out terrific plates of love. Continue reading Ya mon! Take a trip to The Islands for tastee Caribbean food!

White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City! That’s a meaty feast!



Now that is a submarine sandwich! Absolutely worth a visit of epic calorie consumption, and totally worthy of the hype. As we entered the hallowed halls of this tiny yet famous sandwich shop I immediately started salivating.

We took a spot at one of the age worn booths and marveled at all the memorabilia, pictures, and signs hanging on the wall by us. It’s like a who’s who of celebrity days gone by – Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., former Miss America’s, former NJ politicians, Mr T, yellowed newspaper clippings, family and friends, etc. We were handed menus that are short but get right to the point. No frills here. Just go for it!

Went right for their original famous Italian submarine. Even though they claim it is 80% fat free it still felt like a weeks load of calories! I ordered a whole sub as I was starving and did not want to share this massive sandwich with anyone! Continue reading White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City! That’s a meaty feast!