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Happy Turkey Day! Lipton K-Cup and Keurig Winner chosen!


Hey all!

First things first – Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Time to engorge ourselves on turkey, stuffing, pie, and pass out in a trytophan food coma! For those of you who are vegan, well then, stuff yourselves silly on tofu turkey. Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving then feast anyway. It’s all good! All I know is that I am gonna stuff myself silly on bird and pie!

Just wanted to thank you all for taking the time to enter my Lipton K-Cup and Keurig brewer giveaway! I really appreciate the great response! Heck, its a terrific machine, and being that we are all coffee, tea, and caffeine addicts having the chance to score a free Keurig brewer with brand new Lipton Tea K-Cups is a sweet deal! Continue reading Happy Turkey Day! Lipton K-Cup and Keurig Winner chosen!

A spot of tea with Lipton K-Cups Review and Giveaway!

171168718353_1I love my coffee. I am a caffeine whore and not ashamed to admit it. Yet, I am not one of those coffee snobs that refuse to enjoy a spot of tea now and then. I am an equal opportunity caffeine jolt addict. I do like many types of teas, and there is nothing better than experiencing a high tea with your choice of scones, sandwiches, desserts, and assorted tea flavors. Mmmm……stick a pot of tea in front of me with some biscuits and clotted cream. Orgasmic bliss. A caffeinated food coma bliss, but happy nonetheless. That is why I wear sweatpants when hitting up a tea house. Don’t judge! Guys like me need room to breathe. Continue reading A spot of tea with Lipton K-Cups Review and Giveaway!

Tough Mudder / Wounded Warrior Project – putting my body on the line again for another great cause!


I have officially signed up to enter Tough Mudder on July 12th in Andover, NY. Yup, I’m putting my body on the line again for a terrific cause. I’m taking on Tough Mudder to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. Serious running, gym sessions, training, and conditioning is starting this week. 10-12 miles and over 20-25 military style obstacles encompass this event so I better get in shape. Now, I know what people are thinking. It’s the holiday season coming up. There will be all types of evilly delicious bad foods and sugary delicacies all around and ready to ambush me at every turn. Dude, half your blog is food porn! Actually, for me it’s the perfect time as it will offer a good reason to not be lured into all the bad eating and drinking. I am sure I will be enticed along the way and succumb a bit. I am a sucker for seduction! Thanksgiving and vacations are coming up. Hey, I still have to enjoy life you know!

Please join in, and help me reach this goal.

As a relative of those who have served and are currently serving it is an honor to help with this amazing cause. We need to support our wounded servicemen and women who have given so much to protect and fight for our freedom. Tough Mudder is all about overcoming obstacles, together. Your support will help me reach this fundraising goal and help others overcome their own obstacles.

I salute all those who have served and overcome so much, but know that many still have a long ways to go. The Wounded Warrior Project is a wonderful cause and does so much to help these people who have sacrificed so much for our country. Continue reading Tough Mudder / Wounded Warrior Project – putting my body on the line again for another great cause!

A Big Ass Man Cave Bar Opens Up In Murray Hill NYC!


Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to a pre-grand opening night at the new Bottomzup Bar and Grill located in the Murray Hill/Kips Bay area of Manhattan. Being that this part of town is also known as “Bro Hill” because of all the frat bars in the area I did not know what to think of another bar opening up along 3rd Avenue in the 20’s. Well, when I walked in my mind was blown! All I could see were flat screens as far as the eye could see. 45 sixty inch flat screens! Stadium-like sound system. Photos and pictures of famous athletes, teams, and sports shots placed floor to ceiling. A sushi and raw bar. In a sports bar! Full bar area with their own specialty cocktails, drink specials, and plenty of seating. 14 beers on tap and even more in bottles. Super friendly and attentive staff. No matter where you sat there was a birds eye view of any game you wanted to see. This is the ultimate football and sports watchers bar!

As a guy that has followed New York sports my whole life, and as a sports fan in general, I can truly appreciate the attention to detail and planning that went into a bar such as this. There is so much to look at here! Along with plenty to eat and drink. Continue reading A Big Ass Man Cave Bar Opens Up In Murray Hill NYC!