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Lurk in the shadows with a cocktail at Death & Co in NYC


So many places for a cocktail but I can think of few other spots to lurk in the shadows and sip a proper libation than at Death & Company in NYC. Pure and classic bartending that is an art form and deserves to be praised.

Dark and brooding like the Vampire Lestat sipping on a type-o blood cocktail hidden away in a shadowy corner. Death & Company is appropriately named for those of us who prefer to shun the light and move between the dimmed view of candle lumination. No one knows you are there, yet your presence can be felt by the glowing stare of your eyes as you partake in classic cocktail enjoyment.

A speakeasy in the traditional sense. Black velvet drapes to part as you enter. Dark and candle lit. Low level music. Soft chatter emanating from the couples and groups sitting in booths around you. Bartender working like a mad scientist perfecting his potions. The occasional quiet din is broken up by his exuberant shaking of a cocktail. Yes, this is a perfect place for those who abhor the modern bar scene in this wretched yet addictive and wonderful city. Continue reading Lurk in the shadows with a cocktail at Death & Co in NYC