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The Zen of Egg Nog in a Griswold Christmas Kind of World


Christmas, yes, we are here again. There are those who embrace the holidays and those who shudder at the thought of them. Hey, at least it’s almost hitting 70 degrees here in NYC. In December. Yeah, there’s no such thing as global warming you say? Time to break out the mistletoe speedos and throw a shrimp on the barbie!

When someone offers you egg nog at a friend or family’s house you drink the nog. Especially if it has real booze in it. Because nog dammit! Don’t worry about the fat and calories. Just release your gluttonous desires and drink up! It’s Christmas time! Break out the sweatpants!

Oh, and if National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or Elf is on TV you watch them. It’s tradition, and also because they are goofy fun. Why watch the depressing It’s a Wonderful Life when you can view Cousin Eddie driving Clark Griswold absolutely nuts. Pop open the Jack Daniels egg nog and drink it right out of the bottle. Squirrel! Continue reading The Zen of Egg Nog in a Griswold Christmas Kind of World

Pour a cold one at home with the Draftmark Home Tap System


In the words of Benjamin Franklin – “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. Even if he didn’t really say it I have read it on enough t-shirts to appreciate the quote itself.

Now, I’ll admit to enjoying a cold tasty beer now and then. Whether I stay in the local area around where I live in NYC, or head downtown to grab a brew with friends. Yet, there have been many times my lazy butt would like the same tap beer experience from the comfort of my own couch. A cold pint, my flat screen TV, and my feet up kicking back.

Just so happens that recently my prayers were answered by the Beer Gods themselves when I was contacted to partake in a sampling of the Draftmark Home Tap System! Of course I accepted the offer, because, well…..Beer! Like I was really going to decline? Beer delivered right to my door, courtesy of Fresh Direct who they have worked out a distribution deal with for the NYC area. Damn, it can’t get any simpler since we here in Manhattan live off of food and meal deliveries! Continue reading Pour a cold one at home with the Draftmark Home Tap System