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A little Tex-Mex love in an old familiar NYC space.

Colorful & Cheery Interior! Photo credit – Avenida Cantina.

Avenida Cantina? Why does this place seem so familiar?

Cheap, filling, and tasty Tex Mex in the space Idle Hands bar used to be. In these days NYC is constantly changing and evolving, yet it still took me by surprise when we wandered in here for some post happy hours eats and realized it was an old haunt of ours.

Upstairs dining area is totally repainted and redecorated in a bright cheerful decor but we still recognized the layout of a bar we had some good times at. Oh, the drunken memories! Idle Hands had a solid beer and whiskey list, rock and metal bar in a hovel of a basement lair downstairs, burger joint and tater tots to chow down on upstairs, along with a bunch of Yelp events we attended here. Continue reading A little Tex-Mex love in an old familiar NYC space.

Playa Betty’s for California-style beach food in NYC


Dropped in this relatively new spot for some eats on the Upper West Side of NYC after seeing Deadpool again. Yes, I went and saw it again. I had an excuse this time as I took my gal who loved it. Bad thing is she now keeps talking about Ryan Reynolds’ body. I had better keep up with this new training and eating regimen! No chimichangas for this guy!

Man, as many have noticed the service here at Playa Betty’s is extremely slow and a bit confused. Our server, even though nice enough, seemed frazzled.

Our bill was screwed up and they asked me twice if we had ordered something put on the bill that we did not order. Um, you’re our server. You took our order. Did you not realize you didn’t give this phantom item to us?

Also, I’m not a fan of when the main courses arrive literally two minutes after the appetizer is placed on the table. No bueno. Spacing people, spacing! Continue reading Playa Betty’s for California-style beach food in NYC

Frito Pie! Come get Double Wide with me in NYC! Yee – Haw!

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YEE-HAW!!! Sweet Tea Bourbon Lemonade served up in mason jars. 

If you are looking for a Texas themed bar you can’t go wrong with this unpretentious watering hole down in the East Village called by the name Double Wide. Two rooms, one a lounge area, and one a bar area. Some flat screens with the game on. Cool, friendly, and sassy bartender chick who laughs at your stupid attempts at humor and mixes up a mean drink.   

Seriously, she seemed to fill up half the mason jars with bourbon – wow! At only $8 each of these are intoxicatingly affordable. Being that we were here during Yelp Drinks Week it was an outright ridiculous bargain at half off! I got a bit rocked off these! I do have to say I love drinking out of a mason jar. Makes me feel all country-like. Add in my bourbon love and I was about to get up on the bar and do a two step. Ride ’em cowboy! Continue reading Frito Pie! Come get Double Wide with me in NYC! Yee – Haw!