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One of the best meals I have ever eaten! Chef Vola’s in NJ.

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In a total food coma. One of the best meals I ever had. Worthy of the hype! Don’t even think about passing up dessert. If you can score a reservation here at Chef Vola’s just go! No matter what time they offer you. Refrain from haggling. Run there. Wow! 

Basically, Chef Vola’s is the Atlantic City speakeasy version of an Italian restaurant. Hidden away off a side street in the renovated basement of a family home this place is the holy grail of meals in this town. Really, if you can get a reservation here it is worth the epic food coma you will be in afterwards. Kind of funny that you can’t find their phone number or address on their website but it’s listed on Yelp and the internet with some searching. That’s part of the old school “you gotta know someone’s cousin or business associate that knows someone in the family” to get in. When I called they asked how I knew about them. I played along and wrangled an early seating right at opening which worked out perfect for us, as we just wanted to sit at the tables and gamble afterwards at the casino. Forget about going out dancing or anything like that after a meal here unless you want to explode. Try to get an early seating, since if you get a late evening one you just might as well go to bed afterwards all food sleepy as if you drank a bottle of Nyquil. Best. Feeling. Ever. Continue reading One of the best meals I have ever eaten! Chef Vola’s in NJ.