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Running a 5K Through a Blueberry Field!

Time for a new section to be added onto this blog of my life’s adventures. Even though I mainly write about what I do around the NYC area, there are times when I do venture outside it with my fitness and running exploits.  Hence, there will be a new page under the header titled “Running, Fitness, Diet, and Exercise” that will house current and past features relative to this subject.  

Please feel free to venture there now and again to catch up, read, comment, and perhaps even offer some tips and inspiration about your own fitness journey. If applicable, I will feature your post link on this page. Reach out and let me know.

As an avid 5K runner ( never ever thought I’d be saying that! ) I now always look to see if there is an event where I am travelling to. If I have the time I sign up. Such was the occasion recently when I found myself in Kissimmee, FL when visiting parents and doing the family thing.

The Clermont Clay U-Run U-Pick Blueberry 5K race was a quick car ride away from where we were staying so I jumped in. I had a blast running a 5K on the clay roads and through the blueberry fields.

I love blueberries, and could not pass up this event even though I was on vacation. Yes, it was super early in the morning. Yes, it was sunny, warm, and sweaty. Yeah, I’m crazy, but I went to Disney World afterwards!  Continue reading Running a 5K Through a Blueberry Field!

Craftbar NYC – a worthwhile Restaurant Week menu!

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Normally, Restaurant Week in NYC is a mishmash of menus that most times do not really reflect what the participating eateries offer on a daily basis, and many are mediocre at best. I have had my share of acceptable and below par experiences with this special week of dining deals, but sometimes one does come through to satisfy my gluttonous desires. A recent lunch at Craftbar left me actually wanting to come back here again. That is key to why these restaurants get involved with this – to make people come back and dine off the regular menus. It always makes me scratch my head as to why certain establishments refuse to put on the RW menu some of their better offerings, and eschew totally what their cuisine really is. Case in point – a steakhouse that refuses to place steak on the menu. If they do there is usually an extra surcharge of $7-$10 which kind of deflates the purpose. Lunch is $25 for three courses, and dinner $38 for three courses. It also makes me laugh when I see some of these places use the same menu for both. Why even bother if they’re not even going to make an effort. Mix it up a bit! Continue reading Craftbar NYC – a worthwhile Restaurant Week menu!

OPA! Some Greek pastry delights in Astoria, NYC!

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Big Fat Greek Wedding in Astoria style Jersey Shore fist pumping music dessert cafe.


Holy diabetes they have a ridiculous amount of desserts on display here! As we walked by Omonia Cafe after leaving a nearby event we were craving some coffee and were lured in by the never ending amount of pastries and sugar laden confections in the glass display cases. As the evening finally brought with it some comfortable and better weather we decided to take a seat in the outdoor cafe part. I was ready for some sort of sugary sweet treat and this was a good find.

This place is a trip! Booming freestyle dance and clubby house music playing, colored lights change on the side of the building, flickering white lights cascade down the trees lining the sidewalk, our waitress had a thick Greek accent, and we were surrounded by Russian girls conversing over dinner while nearby a young guy in a stylish fedora had the staff sing happy birthday to his main squeeze. Pitbull was blasting over the speakers and on the flat screens they had on the Speed Channel and ESPN. It’s designed like an outdoor open air European cafe with no walls that is open 24 hours a day. Continue reading OPA! Some Greek pastry delights in Astoria, NYC!