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Bettibar NYC – a hidden speakeasy in tourist central!


There is just so much win about Bettibar that it astounds me since it’s located in the Theater District restaurant row area. Did we just happen to stumble upon a speakeasy type establishment in tourist central? OMG – this place is PURE WIN!

As we were proceeding on our night of drinking debauchery and were headed over to Hell’s Kitchen to bar hop a bit more and get a bite to eat I saw this hidden gem located next to the Hourglass Tavern. It’s actually owned by them. You have to ring the buzzer to be let in and then walk up a narrow flight of stairs to find Bettibar. You get the feeling of a secret little speakeasy that few people know about, and only those “in the know” really realize it’s there. I’m so happy to know about it now, since I love spots like this, and I am sure I will be there again soon! Continue reading Bettibar NYC – a hidden speakeasy in tourist central!