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Creepy McDouchebag and His Dating Dont’s in NYC!


Sometimes people watching in NYC can be real fun. If you look around and just listen a bit there are some amazing things happening around us. I walked into my normal neighborhood coffee shop this morning to take my usual seat, connect to the free wifi, and settle in with a hot cup of joe. Being that it was a crappy weather night out I just went to the gym and then stayed in. I finally hit the hay a bit earlier to get a good night’s sleep. On a Friday nonetheless! Lawd have mercy! I feel good and actually got up early to get in here while it was still empty save for a few other early risers. As I sipped my coffee and perused my emails I also wondered what to write about today. Sometimes I have a few ideas swimming in my jumbled mind about a subject or two to ramble on about. I had nothing today other than cobwebs that the coffee was slowly beginning to erase from my brain. Then it came to me like a ray of sunlight breaking through the clouds. Enter Mr Alpha Male Creepy McCreeperstein! Sit back and enjoy the show as he totally destroys a date with what seemed like a nice girl. Grab your popcorn and take a seat on the couch. See the douchenozzle in his natural habitat! Continue reading Creepy McDouchebag and His Dating Dont’s in NYC!