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Fire, Frozen Zombies, and Tiki Love at Zombie Hut NYC!

Photo credit - Zombie Hut
Photo credit – Zombie Hut

If and when the Zombie apocalypse happens I will be ready and waiting at the Zombie Hut on Smith Street in Brooklyn  NYC. Just have the bartender light up the bar on fire and let the fun begin!

How can you not love a tiki hut bar centered right in Brooklyn? Cheap ass beer list with some quality offerings in the $4-$6 range. Super potent Frozen Zombie drinks loaded up with a lethal straw full of 151 booze. Flaming scorpion bowls for group imbibing. Kitschy Gilligan’s Island meets Brady Bunch tiki interior. Board games like Jenga and Sorry on hand to play. Friendly and fast bartenders. A flat screen and large projection screen showing the days games. Fireplace in the back room. Goofy island style decor with colorful hanging lamps, paintings, bamboo, and tiki masks. Terrific music selection was playing the nights I have been here, from 80’s rap and hip hop to classic rock and 90’s grunge. Continue reading Fire, Frozen Zombies, and Tiki Love at Zombie Hut NYC!