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Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina – Carb Love in NYC!

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Mmmmm…..fresh made pasta! Carbs Carbs Carbs! Wonderful Carbs! Joyous carbs!

Hey, even though we are eating healthy and employing a more nutrition based intake nowadays doesn’t mean giving up on eating out and indulging a bit. We just decided to do it on a once a week basis, and pick out a new joint that we haven’t chowed down at before. Even so, there are plenty of spots here in NYC that offers up some delicious grub with a healthier kick to it. You just have to show some restraint and not give into sinful desires!
We happened on a restaurant called Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina. Located in the Chelsea Market we decided to give it a try for dinner while sauntering around the area as I took the day off for my birthday a few weeks ago. After walking around the High Line elevated garden and park we had a hungering for something to nourish our souls. Turned out to be a solid choice.

The market has some really nifty places to shop and dine at. We were drawn into here by the terrific selection of multi-colored and multi-flavored freshly made pastas in the displays. To dine in, or take out and prepare at home. After a full afternoon of strolling around the Chelsea/Meatpacking District area some carbs seemed like perfect way to replenish our energy packs. Or just to fill our bellies! Continue reading Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina – Carb Love in NYC!

Hanging out at Spitzer’s Corner NYC for craft beer & good eats!


Bartender, an Ommegang Rare Vos please. What? I said, an OMMEGANG RARE VOS PLEASE. Speak up, what? OMMEGANG RARE VOS!!!! Holy crap is this place loud! WHAT?

Spitzer’s Corner in NYC is that kind of place that somehow everyone knows about, and they are all there at the same time it seems whenever you go there. We went here on a recent Saturday night and it was packed – and loud! Sound bounces off of everywhere as the acoustics are horrible. My ears are still ringing almost a week later. Even so, I like this place as it has a cool communal vibe to it, and the food is pretty decent for a gastropub. Continue reading Hanging out at Spitzer’s Corner NYC for craft beer & good eats!