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“Does This Rag Smell Like Chloroform” Blog Party in My Pants!


Welcome Welcome Welcome! Come on in. Let me take that coat. Saunter up to the bar and have a cocktail. Mix and mingle. What’s that you say? Why yes, this soiree is pants optional. I would have it no other way. Have some chips and dip. I made it myself with my special sauce. Secret ingredient that adds a little kick to it. Don’t even ask. So glad you could all cum, and not too early either. No one wants to be arrive prematurely. Kind of spoils the fun, and your underwear. Yet, this is a way to get a good seat for all the action. Relax! Spread your legs, enjoy, and let many sordid tales be told. I even wore my studded assless leather chaps for this one. Yes, I dress to impress.

Just wanted to offer a big shout out to all my guests! Thanks for dropping in. I see some of you even dressed for the occasion. Oh honey, you shouldn’t have worn that. Dude, does your mommy dress you in the dark. You purposely trying not to get laid? Oh, I kid, I kid. No really. Yes, I do. No. So glad you could all make it to my first ever virtual blog party where you get to take over my abode of a twisted blog. Don’t mind some of the creepers lurking around here. I’m sure by the end of the night anyway you’ll all be half naked in the bathroom doing strange things with my loofah to each other. All I ask is that you clean up after your nasty selves, and if some of you pervs end up in my bedroom be prepared to enter the world of internet porn. Not saying I have cameras hidden around my place. Oh, did you remember to sign the waiver and bring it with you? Just want to be protected in case some of you do damage to yourselves playing with the sex swing and assorted toys laying about. They are just for display purposes only. Wink Wink. Oh, don’t mind that little red light in the bookcase and behind the mirror. It’s nothing. Really. Continue reading “Does This Rag Smell Like Chloroform” Blog Party in My Pants!

Time for some “adult fun” in NYC? Head to Rick’s Cabaret!

Photo credit – Rick’s Cabaret

Looking to have some adult entertainment in a relaxing “no-pressure” environment? Head on over to Rick’s Cabaret in NYC. Do it! Now! Don’t forget to bring those dollar bills! 

Of course, being the “manly man” that I am I have to admit to frequenting a strip club for some adult fun on occasion. Whether it be with the guys for a night out, or with a recent bachelor party I was in, a classy joint like Rick’s is always a pleasure to spend some time at. I know that strip clubs are not for everyone, with some women and those more puritanical in nature finding them offensive, but for guys and gals like me it sure is a whole lotta fun! It’s one of those places to go, spend some, cash, and let your hair down. After long day at work, or after a stressful week, some like to hit up these establishments for some innocent enjoyment and let some steam off. I find nothing wrong with it. If you do, then just go somewhere else. No harm, no foul. Continue reading Time for some “adult fun” in NYC? Head to Rick’s Cabaret!