Sweet sugar bombs of perfection! Doughnut Plant NYC!


Holy sugar bomb Batman! Doughnuts! What more can I say that has not been said about Doughnut Plant? They make ridiculously delicious donuts. I was at this newer location located at the Hotel Chelsea in NYC not too long ago. Pretty much right after my serious Summer training and eating light ended, so yeah, I splurged in a big way with no guilt!

This one is definitely set up more like a cafe over their other location on the Lower East Side. Much more space with tables and chairs. Some artwork on the walls with lots of color and giant doughnut pillows adorning them. More of a trendy looking spot as I guess they are catering to the Chelsea Hotel clientele a bit. Must have been working as it was pretty crowded when I was there. Why not? It’s doughnuts! Sweet sugar bombs of perfection!

Photo credit – Doughnut Plant

Looking over the selection of doughnuts labeled in the shelving unit by the front counter I was tempted to get one of each, as my pigtacular side wanted to feast, but my more coherent reasonable side convinced me to just purchase a few to bring home. In my bag went a Peanut Butter and Blackberry Jam, Valrohna Chocolate, and a Pineapple Yeast. Let me tell you that after eating well for three months or so all the doughnuts tasted delectable, yet each were quite different, and drool worthy. I am a peanut whore, so of course that one was my favorite, and I would like to know how they inject the filling into a square doughnut. It’s magical! Each one cost in the $3 range, so they are not cheap, but are a decent sized pastry to get your sugar rocks off on.

They also serve coffee, tea, and cold drinks here. Nothing is more traditional than getting a hot cup of joe to enjoy with your doughnut. Or do what I did and grab a bag of doughnuts to go, and pig out in the privacy of your own home in extreme guilt. Don’t judge me!

Photo credit – Doughnut Plant


Doughnut Plant – http://doughnutplant.com/


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26 thoughts on “Sweet sugar bombs of perfection! Doughnut Plant NYC!”

  1. Gotta admit, I’m a doughnut fan, but the one with bumps all over it doesn’t look very appetizing to me. I’m actually pretty happy with this mom and pops fresh baked doughnut shop a few miles down from my house. They make awesome doughnuts…and their apple fritters are famous.

  2. Well, see now normally I’d be all about the jealousy at reading this post because donuts… well, donuts aren’t so much of a thing here in Scotland. Except…Woohoo! Krispy Kreme is coming to save the day. For all our carb-loading needs, they showed up first at the rest stops along the motorway, and then slid into malls—Newcastle, Durham, Edinburgh—approaching ever-closer. And now I hear that we’re getting one here in Glasgow. So yeah, maybe it’s no Donut Plant. But in a land of donut blindness, Krispy Kreme is the one-eyed (American) hero. Can’t wait!

    1. Hey Barb!

      HA! We have Krispy Kreme here too, but most have closed and only can now be found in the southern states. I do love those sugar bombs! The original glazed can still find it’s way into my my belly!

  3. I’m actually not a huge donut fan, but I have to say, the glazed balls….yummmm…could eat them all day. (not an analogy! I actually mean donuts!)

  4. OMG dude, I’m dying over here as I look at your pics. And I was just down the street from Hotel Chelsea last week, I wish I had known about this hidden gem inside of there, I would have totally treated myself to one (or two) doughnuts. 🙂

  5. OMG. I just died and went to heaven. Give me the damn doughnuts! Diet be damned, I want some of that sugary goodness.

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