Sweat, beer, and running in NYC – The Brew Hop 5K!



So here I am all hot and sweaty in NYC. Tired feet and an achy shin. Yet, drinking a cold beer and feeling fine!

In fact, after many cold brews I was feeling no pain at all!

Such was the way I was feeling after just completing another 5K race this past week. This time I ran in the inaugural Brew Hop 5K and Beer Fest. You heard that right – a three mile run followed by booths and booths of glorious craft beer! Being there and experiencing the proceedings first hand I can say that the event was a tasty hit. 1500 thirsty runners were on hand during a beautiful end of Summer weekend to enjoy this unique run along picturesque views of Randall’s Island Park.

Another cool finishers medal to go along with some tasty brews.

Not just any craft beer, as local New York based breweries were on hand serving up a variety of their best suds. About 15 overall representing some of New York’s best such as Brooklyn Brewery, Sixpoint Brewery, Bronx Brewery, Rockaway Brewing, KelSo Beer Company, Alphabet City Brewing, Blue Point Brewing Company,  Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, Gun Hill Brewery and more! Yeah, you can bet I made the rounds. As expected the lines were a bit long but they moved well and I was never without a beer in my hand for more than a few minutes. Friendly crowd in a festive mood that were all happy to chat while we waited patiently for our turn trying out a brew.

Post race beer time!

After a run quite an appetite builds up a so there were a few food trucks on site such as Bareburger, Ponti Rossi, and Blossom Ice Cream to satiate our hunger. For the size and crowd at this event this is where improvement can be made for the next one. More food options are needed. Perhaps a half-dozen trucks and maybe some table top food vendors. I will attest that Blossom was a treat! I actually tried a cup before the run as I have a hard time resisting ice cream to begin with. Watching them put together my rolled blueberry and lavender cup of goodness was pretty nifty. Plus, unlimited toppings too. Nice sugar rush to help power my run!

My first time having rolled ice cream – YUM!

Also on site were live bands and DJ’s, cornhole games, and seating set up on the grass under the trees offering some cool shade to relax under. Plenty of porta-potties and washing stations. Life is good. This day offered a variety of things to explore and have fun with. Even those who chose not to run in the race could just buy a ticket to the beer fest and sip away while enjoying the day. Always good to see when a charity is involved as City Harvest was taking part here too.

Sights and sounds of a terrific event!
Not my best run time but some great views of the water on this one.

Overall, as a first time event I felt this one was very well put together. From the registration, check-in on race day, beer vendors, race route, location, and security I felt it all went very smooth. Staff on hand were helpful and friendly. Sure, as this was the first there is always room for some improvements, but nothing some minor tweaks can’t fix. I am sure those who put this together took notes and are well aware of what needs to be changed for next year. I do hope they have a 2017 version as I really enjoyed the 5k race/beer festival combo and would love to participate again.



After all, who doesn’t enjoy a cold beer after a 3.2 mile run on a warm sunny day? This kid surely does!

The Brew Hop 5K – http://www.thebrewhop5k.com/

6 thoughts on “Sweat, beer, and running in NYC – The Brew Hop 5K!”

  1. Looks like a great time Phil! That rolled ice creams looks incredible.
    There will be an event like this here in Philly in October. You’re required to ‘Chug” a beer at check points … just let that settle in.

    1. Hey Lisa!

      It was a really fun day. That beer tasted so good after a 5K run.

      We have that same event here where you chug a beer along the race over one mile. I would not make it past the first beer before I quit to go drinking!

  2. ‘Sounds brilliant! Sweat. Run. Drop blood! Then recover with as much booze as you can muster!
    Why don’t we have that in Germany?
    Oh we do. It’s called Oktoberfest lol!

  3. Sounds like a great event to take part in! A little run, some brews, ice cream … and if it had been me, I’d have been searching for a fat burger! Well, maybe not. Probably more like a run, several gallons of water, and a nap. But a guy can dream!

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