Substance With No Soul. The $4 Billion Dollar Oculus in NYC.


Substance with no soul. Yet, it feeds on the souls of all those who died horribly across the street on 9-11.

A few days ago I paid a visit to the Oculus in NYC to check it out. Had not been down to the World Trade Center area in a while. I heard a lot about this new transportation hub. Walked around it and explored a bit. So, it’s basically an overpriced mall inside of a dead whale carcass structure that houses the MTA and PATH subway lines at an astronomically disgusting waste of $4 billion dollars of taxpayers money. All while we have homeless everywhere in NYC, and starving people in need of help. At least we can now shop in a mall right across where thousands died on 9-11! Pick up that fancy Hugo Boss suit! Buy that shiny Breitling watch! Purchase that stylish Kate Spade bag! Just be sure to ignore those begging for change or something to eat right outside of its doors. I read they paid the architect of this bloated piece of work upwards of $80 million dollars. Really?

Just another wasteful tourist attraction near where one of our darkest days occurred.

The Oculus above ground looks like a beached whale carcass.

Sorry to say that I am not in agreement with all the gushing, glowing, and over the top reviews of this mall/transportation hub. Now don’t get me wrong, as I do agree with the stylistic design praise. Architecturally, it is a very cool structure, from the outside above ground, to the levels below housing all the overpriced stores and subway lines, to the glass ceiling and roof. It’s a massive building that was years in the making. It is kind of impressive. Very futuristic looking. Very eye-catching and artistic. Makes for great photo ops and Instagram pics. Yet, at what cost really does the city, and it’s public, cry foul?

It’s a high-end mall disguising itself as a transportation hub.

While visually eye-catching and artistic it’s basically a $4 billion dollar high-end mall across where thousands perished on 9-11. Great job NYC!

Sure, I will listen to those who will pump out their chests in patriotic support, and proclaim this mall is a testament to the will and strength of the people of NYC to overcome a horrific time in our history. They will admire its look and soaring structure, all the while ooh’ing and ahh’ing as they meander through, and peer into its hoighty-toighty shops to gaze at the merchandise they can’t really afford.

What I see is really just a monument to greed, ego, graft, and utterly sickening capitalism riding on the graves of those who perished on that fateful day. An opulent mall constructed for the 1-Percenters of this land who marvel at what was built here. As long as their pockets are lined with the cash this mall brings in they will be in joyous union, and turn a blind eye to what this place really symbolizes as they board the subway with shopping bags full of the merchandise that signifies their lifestyles.

A haven for the 1-Percenters to pick up some high-end merchandise! Don’t mind the homeless just outside – they won’t be shopping in the mall.

Was something of this prominence really needed? Most definitely not. A simpler and more dignified facility could have been built in its place, at a much lower cost to the public, presenting a humble tribute honoring those who lost their lives here on that fateful day in time. While at the same time presenting a structure more befitting of NYC’s resilience and future.

World Trade Center Transportation Hub, New York, NY 10006

Located in – Financial District

9 thoughts on “Substance With No Soul. The $4 Billion Dollar Oculus in NYC.”

  1. I agree with your perspective. I have to say that despite it’s location, I don’t see how those who you feel will pump out their chests in patriotic support can really correlate high end shopping with patriotism.

    1. Hey Karen!

      The crazy way in which people in this country nowadays try to justify things I would not put it past them to use this as a shining beacon of how NYC, and the USA, has persevered and defeated terrorism! MURRICA!

    1. Hey Shelley!

      I have no clue. I wonder if they could have went with a lesser known, and more cost effective architect to work with, saving millions of dollars possibly.

  2. Wow. Just wow. Exactly what the world doesn’t need more of – a place that places too much importance on stuff and status. And it’s truly a shame that somebody got rich on hallowed ground.

    Despite the obnoxious immensity of this monstrosity, I hope at least those who visit will take a moment to understand exactly where they are standing.

    Happy holidays, Phil. May 2017 bring you health and happiness.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      You said it just perfectly. I’m surprised they also didn’t build a casino here too!

      Hope you are also having a good holiday season!

  3. 4 billion dollars? Really? Like, they for reals thought, “Oh, let’s put a huge mall across the street from the 9/11 memorial!” I’d be pissed off too that they did that with taxpayer money. I mean, are y’all somehow getting a revenue share out of this? I’m sorry you guys are having funds diverted to something like this.

    Will it cheer you up at all if I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hannukah? Do you have any grand groovy holiday plans?

    1. Hey Jenny!

      Yup. A $4 Billion dollar mall. Yes, the transportation hub was needed, but the mall part? No.

      Revenue sharing? HAHAHAHA! NYC makes some strange decisions.

      Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.

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