Stylized killing at American Psycho on Broadway in NYC!


Setting my Sony Walkman on auto-playback to go see this again!

Highly recommended! If you’re a fan of the book, movie, or an 80’s NYC buff you’ll love it and get all the pop culture references. Yes, I am one of those native New Yorkers that grew up in the 80’s/90’s and went clubbing at the Tunnel, hit the hard to get in restos, Wall Street excess was in high gear, and remember all the fashion, technology, drugs, music, and movie references that were mentioned throughout. Oh, the memories!

We scored primo orchestra seat tickets right in front with an amazing view as part of a Yelp Night event on Broadway that were pretty amazing. A big thanks to Yelp for the hook up as we both loved it! Sure, comp ducats are always so choice, but they had no bearing on my thoughts of the show here. We thoroughly really enjoyed it.

Great music and score. From the catchy Duncan Sheik music and lyrics, to the highly talented cast singing, dancing, and acting out on stage this show moves along and keeps you both laughing hysterically at times to sitting in silent tension as you know what is coming. Benjamin Walker’s performance as Patrick Bateman was brilliant as you get to witness him descend deeper into the madness of his deteriorating psyche. Was he hallucinating all of this? The killings? The blood? The sex? He pulls us in and we get to experience it all as if standing alongside the carnage of his crumbling mind. We happily go along with this dark and psychotic ride as his wingmen of insanity.

Playing at the Schoenfeld on Broadway. Photo credit American Psycho facebook page.

It really is a tale of two stories though. The first half hummed along with plenty of laughs and catchy tunes, while I felt the second half become a little more plodding as they went with a darker somber pace as it delved into exploring Patrick’s psyche and breakdown of his life. Still, it works overall and has you mesmerized for the most part as his mind unravels.

The stage is set up in a minimalist 80’s sense, and the color palette of the show is basically black, white, and red. Well done with some strategic prop use and highly effective video shot onto the stage area during certain musical numbers. Very stylized. Very cool. When that glass wall comes down be ready…..

Also, it’s really R-rated so leave the kids at home. It harkens back to an era when being politically incorrect and saying abrasive things out loud was kind of the norm, as wrong as it was. Plus, there are some scenes of a sexual nature that might be too much for the kiddie’s eyes. The group orgy for one. Oh, and the murder scenes might be a bit much too. Lots of blood and gore. Yet, all of it is done as dark humor which us adults can appreciate.

Sabrina don’t stare at it, eat it!

Oh, and Benjamin Walker is pretty much almost naked except for his clean then blood stained tighty whities for a good part of the show. The ladies in the audience were very appreciative from what I could tell. He literally killed it with his performance. Super talented as the lead role of Patrick Bateman he had us hanging on every word and movement of his body.

Can I suggest that he “slayed it”? Ba-da-bing!




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  1. I loved the book! I read it in three days, while I was having the flu and continued with Glamorama afterwards (took a bit longer than 3 days to read). Before reading your review, I wouldn’t imagine a musical version to work out, but it sounds like they really nailed it..or slayed it:)

  2. I’m shocked that they made a musical of this! That’s how out of the loop I am – I had no idea
    Hell yeah, I’d see it! Especially for free…

  3. Sounds like an amazing time. I’m a fan of musicals and live shows … and have never seen one on Broadway. I really need to change that!

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