A spot of Tea & Sympathy in the Village NYC!

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Tea, scones, and clotted cream!

Can someone please please please get me a 100 gallon bucket of clotted cream for my birthday? Also, don’t forget about including around 500 scones to go with it, and plenty of tea to wash it down. Check on me a few months later to see if I can fit out of my apartment door. You might need the jaws of life to help rescue me! Tea & Sympathy would be dangerous if I lived closer to it!

Finally had a chance to drop into Tea & Sympathy recently late afternoon on a Sunday for a spot of tea. It was nice and empty and we got a spot right by the front window which was great for people watching, expecially since it is located in the West Village neighborhood, and was as usual hopping with all types of characters.

The two British ladies that seated and served us were friendly and greeted us with a “ello” when we walked in. We each ordered a pot of tea and scones. Nice tea selection served in fun looking ceramic tea pots, ceramic cups, and plates. Very British indeed. In fact, the whole place is decorated in British memorabilia, pictures, and nick nacks. Small, cozy, and charming. I am sure it gets pretty crowded at times as there are not that many seats, so we caught it at a good moment.

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Whimsical tea pots they place on your table.

The tea was hot and terrific. I had an orange pekoe blend. The scones were wonderful – crisp on the outside, soft and flaky on the inside. Slathered with the clotted cream and fresh raspberry preserves made them amazing! Even after I finished the scones I still ate the clotted cream with the preserves that was left over. Surprised I did not have a coronary and keel over right then and there!

Cost for the tea and scones was $11 per person. Not a bad price to pay for a little indulgence, and a relaxing time on a lazy Sunday. Will have to go back again to try out some of the food there, as some of it looked really tasty at the table next to us, and the people eating seemed to really enjoy it. God save the Queen!

Photo credit  -Tea & Sympathy
Photo credit -Tea & Sympathy


Tea & Sympathy – http://teaandsympathynewyork.com/


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36 thoughts on “A spot of Tea & Sympathy in the Village NYC!”

  1. I love tea and scones! In fact for my bridal shower one of my aunts hosted it at a tea room. Mmm… I’m dreaming of those scones and the jam now… good stuff man!

    1. Hey Emily!

      Nothing like a good scone slatered in jam and clotted cream! My arteries are clogging up just thinking about it, but I’ll still eat it!

  2. Wow! Those tea pots are so adorable! And I don’t know what clotted cream is exactly, but you make it sound heavenly. Raspberry is my favorite and I love orange pekoe. Yum.

    1. Hey Deanna!

      Clotted cream is the stuff that Angel’s wings are made of, what a puppy’s love would taste like, and what a baby’s smile would make you feel when eating it. Oh, and on top of scone with some jam it’s orgasmic. There you have it.

  3. I was SO WITH YOU right up to fancy tea. Then….whuuuuut? English Breakfast, Earl Grey or nothing, darling!

    Looks like a gorgeously fun place to go, though 😀

  4. As usual, I am jealous I’m not in NYC. You write food and drink so well… Go get yourself a show on the Travel network!

    When I was in London I never got around to trying clotted cream… what does it taste like?

    1. Hey Jean!

      The Food Network and Travel Network should get in a bidding war over me!

      Clotted cream is like an orgasm for your taste buds! It’s oddy addicting.

    1. Hey Mandi!

      It’s a neat little spot to be a bit civilized as you stick out your pinky and sip your cup of tea.

      Don’t knock the clotted cream. It’s like sex on a scone!

    1. Hey Amanda!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      People who have not tried it don’t know what they are missing. On a warm scone it’s so good!

  5. I’m not a tea drinker but I’m sure I would stop in only for the scones. Sounds like a quaint place to visit — adding it to my list of places to see on my next trip to NYC.

    1. Hey Suzanne!

      Definitely try it out. I am sure you can get coffee there too and some other drinks. Goes great with scones, jam, and clotted cream!

  6. I would come to this quaint little place every day for high tea if I lived near it. Lucky you! So cute to think of you having a spot of tea in a dainty cup—I’m so used to your pub posts and meaty sandwiches, hahaha!!!

  7. Tea & Sympathy **

    Adore the name of this quaint little treasure.

    My hubs is from Liverpool & he’d dig this place. Even though we’re in America, he drinks tea every single day.

    OH, please send me scones and clotted cream asap. I MUST have NOoooW!!! What a treat!!!!! xx

    PS. what a kick it must be to live in NY.

    1. Hey Kim!

      I am one who enjoys both tea and coffee. Best of both worlds.

      Yes, scones and clotted cream. Every day. All day long! NYC is making me fat!

    1. Hey KB!

      I guess I am lucky living in NYC that we can experience a proper tea like over in the UK. I have to admit to really enjoying a civilized spot of tea. Beats the heck out of Starbucks!

  8. OMG Phil! $11. Sign me up! For Afternoon Tea that is a complete bargain and why haven’t you been there sooner? If we Brits. can’t show you a good time, I don’t know who can! A good pot of tea and real scones with all the yummy goodness of real clotted cream and real jam spilling out of it’s contents. Ooooo!

    In Germany, where I live, they love us as British people but it comes at a price. High Tea can only be found at the likes of the Ritz Carlton and the Kempinski Adlon but when I really think about it, you can’t put a price on the good stuff!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      Tea, scones, jam, clotted cream. How are Brits not all 300 pounds with all this delicious stuff?

      You pay a high price on a High Tea but you also have great beer choices there!

  9. Hello Phil..

    Oh this is properly a sort of british five o´clock tea, isn´t it?… So nice ..
    I loved those Whimsical tea pots… Next time you go there you should steal one of those 🙂

    Enjoy your thursday, Aquileana 🙂

    1. Hey Aquileana!

      LOL – I wish I could steal one but it’s not something I wish to spend the night in jail for!

      Yet, I would do a night in jail to swipe all their clotted cream! 🙂

  10. Wow – I never saw this place when I was there either. As a true Brit, I feel disgraced! ;0)

    Looks awesome and now, as usual after reading your blog, I want something that’s not a available to me! Wah!

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