Spitzer and Weiner – NYC Post Election Career Choices!


Well, we here in NYC sure dodged a close one when it came to the recent elections. Voters on this day had a multitude of bad choices to filter through and hoped the best candidates would turn out on top. It was like voting for the best of the worst, and hoping we did not become a total mockery in front of the rest of the country. It was bad enough we had a bunch of derelicts and sexual devients on the tickets this time around, and for awhile it looked like a few of them might win! Good thing the public came to their senses and escorted these idiots out of their political careers by choosing the better candidates for those positions. Now you just have to wonder where these wackos will end up, and what their next career paths will be. I have a few suggestions that come to mind…….


Crazy Weiner’s Weiners! Weiner is nutty as a loon and this would be a perfect transition into a new food based career – a hot dog stand!


Big Bully Brothel. Can it be any more obvious? Eliot Spitzer heads out to Nevada and opens his own den of prostitution. Then sleeps with all of his staff and wonders why he can’t turn a profit.


The Anthony and Eliot comedy act. They head out on the road as this generation’s Cheech & Chong. Instead of getting high and making jokes about it they whip out their penises on stage and tell knock knock jokes. Becomes huge on cable tv and has a bunch of specials on HBO, Showtime, Twitter, and Instagram!


Porn stars. Of course! I can see the titles of their skin flicks as their porn careers take off – Tony Goes Twitter Twatting,  Spitzer’s Sphincter, The Governor’s Engorgement, Carlos Danger Exposed, and FrankenWeiner!


2 Bros Condoms. They go into business together as door to door condom salesmen to push a designer line of condoms packaged with names such as Steamroller Sheik, TweetPenis Ribbed, and Magnum Dicks!


President and VP of the good ol’ USA! It has to happen. These two disgraced politicians just have to run for the offices that are most suited for their misgivings and dirty deeds. Lord knows they will fit right in as the leaders up on Capitol Hill!


16 thoughts on “Spitzer and Weiner – NYC Post Election Career Choices!”

    1. Hey Susie!

      Funny and sad yes. Just think – we in NYC have to deal with this all the time. Starting to think all politicians are like these morons.

  1. The coffee-spew fodder in this post? Too many to detail. The wiener-wanger knock-knock jokes alone could keep all of America entertained until the next election.

    Actually, now that the election is over, I’m feeling a bit miffed. You no longer have the opportunity to make fun of these two. Fun ride while it lasted.

    Hmmm. “How can I have a naughty double-entendre mind at 5:44 a.m. with only 4 ounces of caffeine in my system,” she wonders. That last sentence about a fun ride? I wonder what the “riding partners” for these two might say about that.

    The upside had they been elected? They’d be too occupied with sticking their dicks in other people’s business (IYKWIM) to stick their political noses into the food intake habits of the average Joe and Sally Lunchbox. Bonus! Super-sizing would be encouraged versus banned.

    1. Hey Gloria!

      I know right? No more of these guys to make fun of. Comedians everywhere gleaned great jokes off of these buffoons.

      The thought of “super sizing” with these two just made me gag!

  2. Too funny. I’d love to see them in any of those jobs. Well, except that last one. Scary thought. Oh, I get it, you put that in there because Halloween’s coming up, right?

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