So, did they start playing the Super Bowl yet?

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I’ll admit that I did not watch the Super Bowl. Nope, not one minute, not one play, not even a peek. You must all be asking how is that possible? Blasphemy! This is an American holiday now. How can you not watch? It’s the big game! The epicenter of all sports tv programming! The monster truck show climax of the NFL season! The big cheese! The big sombrero! For the whole enchilada! Ole’!

Hmmm…..I am suddenly craving some Mexican for lunch today. Tacos maybe? A burrito? I hope the bathroom at work will be empty later. Gonna be ugly. Wait….what was I talking about? Oh yeah, that football game that was played Sunday night. Get back on track Phil and stop getting veered off course by thoughts of delicious food. As I was saying it is a fact that I did not watch any of the Super Bowl this past Sunday, and honestly by seeing the final score and highlights (or lowlights if you’re a Broncos fan) I did not miss anything at all! This was an embarrassing abomination of a game. One of my friends said it best – “They should label the Broncos as the new Keystone Cops of the Super Bowl and play the old Benny Hill theme music over the highlights.” I do have to offer congrats to the Seattle Seahawks being crowned Super Bowl Champions as they totally destroyed Denver and left no doubt on that playing field. Yet, other than if you’re a Seahawks fan what joy is there of watching a boring non-competitive game of 43-8? After seeing the post-game updates on ESPN this game was literally over after the botched opening snap by Denver within the first 12 seconds!


Now back to my night. As a New Yorker I could care less about either team. Sure, I’m a football fan, but not really a Denver fan. Peyton Manning and his Frankenstein head scares me, but I do respect his talent as a QB. I don’t really know much about Seattle other that they had not won any championships in that city since the NBA’s Supersonics way back in 1979. I just looked at this as a “meh” matchup of teams and not worth wasting my time to watch. Boy oh boy, was I correct. From what I heard and now seen even the much over-anticipated commercials were not all that great, and mediocre offerings at best. Also, the halftime show did not even arouse any desire in me to tune in. Not a pop music fan, but I heard Bruno Mars did a great performance, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers I have seen already so it was no big miss for me. I just wish the NFL would put a band up there that really represents the hard hitting bone cruching game that it is. Judas Priest, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and so many metal bands would blow any of these sissy boy performers off the stage with real music that showcases what the NFL is about. Alas, it will never happen as the NFL wants Rated-G family friendly mundane music as it’s halftime show now. No more wardrobe malfunctions! Ha – the Chili Peppers should have come out and performed nude as they have in the past with nothing but a strategically placed sock on their equipment! NFL commish Roger Goodell would have had a heart attack.


One thing I do enjoy about Manhattan on Super Bowl Sunday is that everything other than the bars are empty that night. It’s a relaxing joy to go out to dinner and see a movie as we did. Had a nice meal then hit a movie where the theater we were in had maybe five other people in it. I love having our choice of seats with not a soul sitting around us. We used a few free passes we have stockpiled to take in a goofy movie – I, Frankenstein. I can’t help myself as I love sci-fi and action movies. My inner geek comes out with these flicks. Sometimes I’d rather go low-brow and not have to think too much while being entertained. It was not as bad as everyone has panned it to be. Just a check your brain at the door, grab a large soda, bucket of popcorn, kick back and have fun for a few hours movie. After that we hit a terrific coffee shop and had dessert. It was then that I looked on the phone and saw the final 43-8 score. LOL! It was a better night than having to watch that waste of a game, or getting drunk and eating bad at someone’s party. Again, I didn’t miss much.


I also totally avoided going into the tourist hell hole known as Times Square for Super Bowl Week festivities. Nope. No way. Not me. Most of us who live here avoid it like the plague anyway and rarely head into that part of town normally other than to take in a show on Broadway. Sorry, but I was not going to fight through thousands of football fans and tourists to pay $5 and ride a stupid slide for 10 seconds. Also, can we get real here and admit the game was played in New Jersey? Even as a New Yorker I’ll admit that NYC really had little to do with it other than the overhyped parties, celebrities, and press events here. Nice try New York but this game was played and hosted in the swamps of New Jersey! Hot damn though that mess with fans trying to leave the stadium after the game was a disaster. Sorry, not sorry! Man, it must suck for Denver fans who spent thousands on tickets, airfare, hotels, food, drinks, etc. Hope they enjoyed the flight home after witnessing one of the worst losses in Super Bowl history!


Somewhere that night you just know Tim Tebow and Satan were sitting together having a drink, watching the game, and laughing at Manning and Elway. 43-8. There were definitely some dark forces at work here.




Oh, and Tebow now has a better playoff record than Peyton Manning. Ouch!

48 thoughts on “So, did they start playing the Super Bowl yet?”

  1. I had a few people over to my place for the Super Bowl, some football fans, and some not. A friend of mine said it best, “this is the perfect game for you non-football fans. As a football fan watching this game, I will not shush you or try to turn up the volume over your chatter. In fact, I will actually chat with you and ignore the game!”

    But, I had a good time hanging out with friends, regardless. Oh, and I chuckled at this:

    1. Hey Dave!

      Ha! I think everyone forgot about that other Seattle team! I guess it was the perfect game for those who just wanted to focus on the food and drinks.

      1. Hi Phil.. The game what cool, but I liked more Bruno Mars´s performance.
        True: this sport is so hard to understand for me …
        Good news: I ´ve nominated your for the Versatile blogger award. You can check it out at the end of this my latest post … I can´t add the URL here but It is the one of Aristotle on Friendship!…
        Cheers, Aquileana 🙂

  2. I love that you went to see I, Frankenstein instead of watching the Super Bowl. And, I must agree with you about most halftime shows but this one rocked my world (as I’m a Bruno Mars and RHCP fan) although I do agree that a heavy rock band would be money (damn you Janet Jackson for preventing that from ever happening!). I did think it was funny – all of the hype in NYC when the game was going to be in NJ. Cheers to you, my friend!

    1. Hey Cowboys!

      Well, if the whole thing was pushed as a NJ game only it would not have gotten the hype it did. Let’s be real, this is NYC, we didn’t really need the game here. What were they gonna do? Have all the events in Newark or Camden? Yuck.

  3. SUPER BOWL NEWS FLASH: Denver Broncos finally score again! Tuesday afternoon.

    New Jersey and Super Bowl should be mutually exclusive terms.

    (I had to slip in a shot at Joisey.)

  4. I watched the commercials and barely paid any attention to the game until I realized it wasn’t a game but a comedy show.

    You need to find out who to send your resume to. If you could get yourself hired to pick the bands for halftime, I can guarantee I’d watch.

    1. Hey Karen!

      That is a good way to describe that game! As for the halftime show I think they want to bore the crowd into getting hyped for the second half. Yet, I heard it wasn’t too bad this year but I’m not a Bruno Mars fan. That music style is too poppy/wussy to me.

  5. I only watched about 10 minutes of the second half and then went back to my book. I’m a Peyton Manning fan, but he wasn’t playing that day so I didn’t care to watch. I am sad that the Hawks won though, they are the most sorry-asses, non-gracious winners I’ve ever seen in my life. And after that little performance from Mr. Dickhead following the 49ers game, I was kind of hoping they’d get their asses handed to them on a platter. But, if one team’s not going to show up, the other team can’t help but win. Such is the world of, I’d like to say professional, but the Seahawks are anything but professional in my opinion, so I’ll just say high-paying sports.

    Nuff said.

    Now go get some Mexican food and blog about it so I can live vicariously through you.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  6. I’ve got to agree that Super Bowl Sunday is THE BEST time to go out to a restaurant. No wait, and a quiet spot. You go, Phil!!

    However, with Pete Carroll coaching the Seahawks, there was no way my USC Trojan-fan husband wasn’t going to watch that game. It was beyond painful. 🙂

    1. Hey Jenny!

      Honestly, even though I am a football fan, I ususlly ignore the game. The crappy team I root for is never in it anyway so it’s a waste of a whole night for me. I’d rather go out to a nice dinner at an empty restaurant then see a movie in an empty theater. Those times in NYC are rare!

  7. Great roundup…I came into GCT on Sunday right before the game started and it was pure bliss. It was so virtually empty that I sat and enjoyed for a while.

  8. Forgive us while we pinch ourselves to see if we’re dreaming. A man’s man who doesn’t care about Superbowl. We didn’t know gems like you existed. Now can we say….Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hate Superbowl & we’re the only ones in our circle of friends & family who did NOT watch it. For example. Don’t know that Manning guy you kept mentioning & the New Jersey fact was new to us as well. Hate the sport, hate the fuss & think it’s the most overhyped event in all of the frigging world!! So for us your words we’re like the Ten Commandments. What we did like however, was your Jim Carey pic, your instant side-track from football to Mexican food, your description of New York the night “of” allowing you & your gal free run of the city!! Hells yeah baby!! New York New York~ If I we’re you Phil, I’d be pushing for Superbowl Sunday every year & heading on out to the Big Apple for a peaceful, quiet night. Phil takes New York by storm~ lol. So, how was I Frankenstein by the way? My son’s been dying to see it. Love the fact your a sci-fi geek as Inion is like you. Turns three shades nerdy whenever sci-fi hits the scene. lmao. Best Superbowl post so far, Phil!! Sharing this now!! BTW~AC DC Rules~let’s petition they play Shook me All Night Long or Hells Bells!!!!

    1. Hello Ladies!

      Thanks for the detailed comment! Yes, I am a football fan but just could not get all hyped up for this game. I don’t care about either team so it would have been a waste of a night to me. Heck, it’s NYC, so there is always something else to do.

      The was goofy fun. If you can catch a matinee and pay a reduced rate I would suggest it, or wait until in comes out on DVD. We had some free passes and used those. Had a nice dinner and kicked back in an empty theater which is so choice! We don’t get many of those nights alone here in the city! 🙂

  9. I must admit that I was hoping the RHCP would come out wearing just socks. Haha! I didn’t watch the game either. I was preoccupied playing with my 5 month old niece. Oh, and the food. Can’t forget that game day food!

  10. I love love love all the cartoons you found for this post. They are awesome! I fully enjoyed the great spread of yummy food we had to celebrate Super Bowl so i am happy. I have to admit i would totally pay the 5bucks to go down that slide. It looked so fun from watching on TV.

    1. Hey Holli!

      As a real NY’er I avoided Times Square totally. Slide or no slide. Yes, it seems more people were more hyped for the food over the game! 🙂

  11. I love football…a lot, but this game bored me so much that I ended up reading a really bad book on the couch, taking my eyes off of it only briefly to watch a fairly mediocre commercial. I did watch the half time show, and sort of developed a crush on Germaine Jackson, I mean Bruno Mars. How was I, Frankenstein? I’m a little bothered by the title, as the monster is not Frankenstein, and the confusion in this sometimes makes me crazy.

    1. Hey Mandi!

      The movie was one of those goofy sci-fi flicks that you leave your brain at the door to watch. Kind of the way the Broncos played that game!

  12. This Superbowl freaking sucked, one of the worst ones I’ve ever seen. After seeing how bad the Broncos played, makes me feel a little better about how my Giants season went.

    1. Hey Mike!

      Did Denver come into that game all high off the wacky weed? So glad I missed it and went out. I hate Manning anyway so I was almost glad they got destroyed.

  13. I also think I would have preferred I, Frankenstein to Super Bowl. I really don’t get all the hype about it, but then again, I’m not American:)

  14. I also didn’t watch the Super Bowl. Not a fuck was given across the land… 🙂

    Actually, I read an article about human trafficking and the Super Bowl and it made me sad. Wasn’t going to watch it anyway, but just messed up how it draws such a crowd.

    Did you know the NFL is a non-profit organization? AHEM, they don’t pay taxes… I feel like telling the world this. Won’t spend money on that shit ever again.

    1. Hey Jean!

      I did not realize all of that. I’ll look into it. I still love football but baseball and hockey I like a bit more anyway.

      Personally, I never watch the Superbowl. It’s too much hype now and the games usually suck as bad as the halftime shows.

  15. Super Bowl was not on my “to-watch” list. In fact, football in general isn’t on my list. Being Canadian makes me a hockey fan, so my focus is on the NHL playoffs and the Stanley Cup.

    But I was glad to hear that Seattle won, if only for the fact that they haven’t won any type of championship in over a gazillion years. Always root for the underdog.

    1. Hey Suzanne!

      I am also a hockey fan. I love football too. Just could not get into the Super Bowl as I had no feelings for either team. It should have been called the Junk Bowl the way this one was played!

  16. As a European, I have absolutely no idea what you guys are on about. Is it rugby? No. Is it cricket? No. Is it some sort of tennis? Horse-riding? No. Then please just get me a cup of tea and some biscuits so that we can “watch” the game. Failing that. Champagne sounds nice! Make that a bottle!

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