S’MAC – delish mac and cheese cheeriness in NYC!

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Can someone really overdose from eating too much cheese and carbohydrates in one sitting? Holy lactose intolerance Batman! This place was one crazy experience to have after a long day of drinking and partying after a pub crawl. Thank God it is not anywhere near where I live or I would need my arteries cleaned on a weekly basis. S’MAC does not play around when it comes to mac and cheese!

There is actually a small dine-in restaurant and a take out shop next door. It was packed, but all we had to do was hover like a senior at a casino looking to play their favorite penny slot machine and we snagged a bunch of tables within a few minutes. In my booze fueled ravenous state I looked over the menu of cheese-tactic choices and had to order the cheeseburger mac and cheese. Since there were two of us eating this we went with the mongo size. Boy was that a mistake! A giant portion served in a frying pan was put in front of us that struck fear into my stomach. Yes, it tasted terrific, but was so filling. Creamy cheddar and American cheese, seasoned ground beef, and a nice crispy top. Yummmmmy! We could not finish it all and had the rest bagged to go. Of course, I ate it while on the couch watching TV that night. All of it. By myself. Don’t judge! 

There are 12 different mac and cheese options to choose from, and four different portion sizes offered. Nosh, Major Munch, Mongo, and Partay! They also offer a build your own if you want, a sampler pan, and gluten free macaroni. As the restaurant was crowded the whole time we were there you could see how popular this bastion of gooey mac and cheese goodness is in this part of town.  Especially dangerous when you have been on a pub crawl all day! Drunk and hungry is not a good way to be when you walk into this place! It’s way too temping!

Photo credit - S'MAC
Photo credit – S’MAC

Also on hand are a decent little selection of beers and wines to help wash down all that cheesy amazingness. They also carry one of my fav sodas, Stewart’s, with a few to choose from.  The joint itself is bright, clean, with a funky orange and yellow decor including the seating. You can’t help but smile when in here among all this mac and cheesy cheeriness.  

Time to go home now and swallow a bottle of Lactaid pills!



S’MAC – http://www.smacnyc.com/


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63 thoughts on “S’MAC – delish mac and cheese cheeriness in NYC!”

  1. sign me up for the Partay size in all 12 varieties 🙂 This really puts the Trader Joe’s mac and cheese with blackened chicken that I ate for dinner today a shame…

    1. Hey Jeri!

      The Partay size is no joke! You wouldn’t have to hit Trader Joe’s for weeks after that! I’ll have some of your blackened catfish though!

  2. Great drinks, great ambiance, and good food coming out in a cast iron skillet that’s perfectly well seasoned – filled with deliciousness….hmmm…count me in. When you are in for a night of drinking, there’s nothing more responsible than filling up on heavy carbs and my goodness…this dish is far more sinful than the drinks!

  3. Oh my God.
    I’m so glad I’ve already brushed my teeth or else I’d probably be sneaking downstairs to gorge myself on cheezits right now.
    That still might happen.

  4. I think you highlight what us Brits always find with food in America, large portion sizes! I often stay in hotels so have little to no where to put any food I bring back. Packing in a box is a great way to get full value of the portion you get for your $.

    Does it taste as good the morning after?

    1. Hey Guy!

      Yes, we eat way too big here! Portion sizes are out of whack at times. The next day it still tastes good. Just heat it up and chow down!

  5. This post should come with a warning not to read too early!! Now I want Mac and cheese for breakfast!! I would never be able to get my son out of a place like that and I can’t really blame him!! As for going in drunk and hungry, next time put that stop in the middle, eat a small portion to suck up some of the alcohol and continue pub crawling!

    1. Hey Sheena!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting! A fork? I wanted to eat it with my bare hands! Then shove my face in it and lick the pan too!

  6. Actually, that’s a pretty great idea. Mac and Cheese is such a comfort food and all the different options just make it more fun.
    So next are you going to find a meatloaf-only restaurant?

  7. The first thing I ever learned how to cook was Kraft macaroni and cheese. Why? Because my family got sick and tired of making it for me. Needless to say, mac and cheese is my go-to comfort food and S’MAC is right up my alley. Damn you, Phil for showcasing yet another delicious place that is on the opposite side of the country from me! 🙂

    1. Hey Jessica!

      We all ate those boxes of mac & cheese over the years. Along with ramen noodles packets. Those poor college days they were my main things to eat!

  8. SOOOOO much food. But it’s so good. We ordered the smallest size and still couldn’t finish it all. We will for sure be back.

  9. Holy cow – mac and cheese served in a frying pan?!?! Sounds like heaven in a cast iron skillet. No wonder you have to work out so much. See I can skip the gym because I chow down on salad or lean cuisine.

    You find the best places to explore. I’m waiting, not so patiently, for the next installment of “living my urban life vicariously through Phil the man.”

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  10. I love good nights out after drinks. But I gotta say… cheese after drinking has NEVER been a desire of mine. Just seems too dense and well, cheesy… which I will spare details and just say it makes me feel quite unsexy.

    But sober? Yum to mac & cheese! Woohoo. You find such fun places, such a good eye for the ecclectic goodies bar.

  11. The FIRST thing I thought was “That is great hangover food.” Brilliant that you went right after a pubcrawl! Now I need to make mac & cheese. And get beer.

  12. Oh Lord! Man could live off Mac and Cheese alone i truly believe. I love it so much and always choose it as my side item in restuarants that serve it. DO they have a lobster mac n cheese? I had that in Boston and cant stop thinking about it. I will really need to add this to my list of places to go in NY! Thanks so much.

  13. Well you had to go and put up one of my all time favorite dishes and a true Southern delight. We in the South actually have an official Mac-n-Cheese day, that is shared with our countries birthday! Yep, July 4th. Here in the Smoky Mountains, shit gets serious at local events where Southern women compete to make the best Southern Mac-n-Cheese they can muster up to help celebrate the 4th. So, growing up, I can always remember eating the delicious side dish, that has morphed into a full on main course! Have to say, Phil…looks as though New York City might have a touch of the Rebel in her! Cuz that Mac-n-Cheese, was looking pretty damn good, to this Vegan who’s due for a cheat day!!! Hmmm…..any left in your fridge? And what time can you have it ready for me? lmfao~ Great post, Great Mac-n-Cheese, sharing now! Will you? 😉

    1. Hey Inion/Mathair!

      Now I know how I’m celebrating July 4th! Mac & cheese day sounds marvelous! I’d miss all the fireworks at night though as I’d pass out in a mac & cheese food coma!

  14. My stomach just flipped looking at all of that cheese on one plate. Oh, how I yearn for a bowl of mac and cheese, but my tummy says no, no, no. I’ve become lactose intolerant in my old age and it kills me (I LOVE cheese). Plus, I think it’s a sin being from the dairy state. Can I still call myself a cheesehead if I don’t consume dairy???

  15. This is what I love about America. No matter how much we say we want to be healthier and we shouldn’t be the fattest country in the world–actually second fattest now; Mexico just soared past us–this is the stuff that continues to sell. You don’t see anyone opening up a Carrots ‘N More restaurant! Nope. Mac-n-Cheese, Meatballs, Hot Dogs, Cupcakes. Let’s just own it people!

  16. A mac and drooling, dribbling, squishy, squeaky, stringy, cheese. Oh yeah!
    You’ve got to hand it to you, you Americans sure know how to get us to have “just one more.” 🙂

  17. Just found out that I really REALLY like mac ‘n’ cheese. Not just the powder version from Kraft, but also the real, made-from-scratch ones. Drooling over that picture and adding S’Mac to my to-do-list next time I’m in the city.

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      It’s such a perfect comfort food for sure. There are a few places here in the city that do it right. Definitely try this one out next visit!

  18. Mac and cheese and beer? Boom! That’s what I’m talking about. I need to make a list of places I need to eat in NYC — of course I’d call it Phil’s Try and Die list — but I’d be a happy guy! This place reminds me of some poutine joints I go to in Montreal. Amazing!

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