Slurping up some Pho and a Bahn Mi on a cold NYC day.

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Beef Pho – photo credit – Yelp

Now that it seems as if winter has come back to us and it was cold last night I walked by this place and immediately wanted to shove my face in a big bowl of Pho! Saigon Shack located in the Greenwich Village section of NYC is one of those spots to dive into a tasty hot bowl of Pho on a blustery raw day to warm your insides with some terrific Vietnamese comfort eats.

As usual, this place was packed. Had to wait for a few minutes to grab a seat. As I was solo last night it was easy to score a stool up by the counter as people chow down pretty quick here and move along. What’s cool is that a waitress keeping track of those on line took our orders in advance so when I sat down the food was placed in front of me almost within a minute or two. I didn’t have to drool too long while seeing those around me slurp up their delicious looking Pho.

Since I was starving I ordered a few Vietnamese specialties to safisfy my growling stomach.

Photo credit – Saigon Shack

S.S. Spicy Brisket Banh Mi sandwich. Holy meat coma Batman this was so delish! Hand carved brisket topped w/ sauteed onion, pineapple & spicy au jus sauce. It was almost melt in my mouth awesomeness!

Classic Beef Pho. One huge bowl of steaming happiness. Lots of noodles and fresh thinly sliced beef. They give you a plate on the side full of sprouts and lime to add in, along with a few bottles of sauces to add extra kick. A little Siracha sprinkled in and I was good to go! Happily slurped up my meal while splattering it all over my shirt but I didn’t care. Pho is not meant to be eaten in a neat way. Bury your face in and have at it!

Bowl of the classic pho and spicy brisket banh mi sandwich hit the spot! $8 each was fine by me! I’m craving this meal again already on a cold day and will be back for sure.

S.S. Spicy Brisket Banh Mi sandwich – photo credit – Yelp


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22 thoughts on “Slurping up some Pho and a Bahn Mi on a cold NYC day.”

  1. FIRST!

    I have actually never tried bahn mi or pho but one of these days I might get adventurous and try it. Yes, I’m an insanely picky eater. I blame my dad for that one.

    1. Hey Kim!

      What? Never tried either one? That is crazy, as they are both crazy delicious! You need to open up your mind and tastebuds and dive right in!

  2. Yum!! I’ve never had either but would be willing to try thanks to your pictures and great descriptions. I like Thai soup Tom Kha.

  3. Be still my rumbling stomach! I’m about to google Thai restaurants near us (I’m in FL now) that have these items on the menu. As usual, you make them sound too good to miss!

    1. Hey Patricia!

      If you find a few good spots that serve these in FL go for it. As it’s getting cooler here on NYC Pho is on my weekly meal list!

  4. As always, the food here looks delicious. I could use the soup right about now—we have been “freezing” in SoFlo since it has been in the 60’s here, hahaha!

  5. Hey Phil, this place looks great, and I adore the hot Pho- anytime- but especially on cold days. In Vietnam, the Pho is served beyond boiling hot and with the fresh accompaniments its indescribably the most amazing dish ever. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Aussa!

      Oh, so you know just how yummy this all is!

      Cold? Look at the new post I just put up and have a cocktail that will make you feel all warm and sexy!

  6. Two classics! That’s what I love about NYC: That you can get authentic food from all over the world, cooked by people who knows how to cook it. I’ve never been to Saigon Shack, but I could easily see myself slurping that delicious-looking pho on a cold winter day:)

  7. Vietnamese cuisine would not usually be something I would seek, but after reading your description (and viewing the photos) I might just be missing out.

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