Sizzlin’ Fajita Monday in NYC

Cilantro is one of those upper west side eateries that has been around for about ten years now, but is easy to dismiss as just another poser Mexican joint. Yeah, we know Californians like to proclaim that they have better Mexican on the west coast, but sometimes we here on the eastern side need a fix of sizzlin’ eats and guac too.

I only come here on Monday nights. In fact, I travel across town to come here for dinner on Monday nights. As we all know, travelling crosstown in NYC is usually is an exercise in frustration. So there has to be a good reason.

$12 fajitas on Monday nights is the reason! A solid one at that. Once seated you get a large basket of mixed chips and salsa to dip in. These are damn addicting and two people can wolf it down pretty quickly. Free refills on those baskets you say? Yes, please!

A choice of shrimp, chicken, pork, or veggie fajitas for $12, along with steak at an extra surcharge. I don’t eat meats so shrimp is my choice, and I have never been disappointed. Large portions served up in a sizzling plate along with all the fixins – tortillas, sour cream, guac, etc. You will not leave hungry. Free refills on iced tea is also a plus.

Full dinner for $12. Not too shabby at all if you ask me.

What more can you ask for? Terrific service. A clean restaurant.  Some outside seating on the front sidewalk.  Very cozy Southwestern/Mexican decor. Reasonably priced. Large portions. Tasty food. I can’t comment on anything else here because I have only stuffed myself silly on shrimp fajitas during Monday nights! Oh, and this deal is cash only so hit the ATM on the way over.

Mmmmm……Fajitas and Guac!



6 thoughts on “Sizzlin’ Fajita Monday in NYC”

  1. Sounds great! I’m not a huge fajita fan, but I do enjoy Mexican cuisine on occasion. And for $12, you can’t beat that.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  2. I’ll just say that I live in the best state for amazing Tex Mex food!! And I take advantage of the places around me at least once a week.

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