Shalom! 2nd Ave Deli on the Upper East Side NYC!

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Overall, New Yorkers can be a most cynical and demanding bunch. We seem to know it all, and feel that we must have an opinion on everything. Maybe even over-privileged to a point. This can be very true especially when it comes to our Jewish deli’s. We compare each and every one to each other – Katz, Carnegie, Ben’s, Stage, Artie’s, etc. Sometimes it is fair to compare, and sometimes it’s like trying to decipher the meaning of life. I decided recently to walk in here with an open mind and high spirits to just enjoy a good deli meal without comparing it to the others I have experienced.

This new location of 2nd Ave Deli is actually located on 1st Ave where an old restaurant used to sit by 75th street. It’s definitely an upgrade to the neighborhood and a nice addition. The layout has the same kind of look and feel as it’s Murray Hill location with the awkward entrance way and tight seating setup. You almost have to be like a Cirque Du Soleil contortionist to squeeze into a table without disturbing the other diners around you. Still, these are all minor nuances that don’t mean all that much to me when going to a place to sit down and feast on a guilty pleasure meal.

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Jewish Penicillin – Matzo Ball Soup!

My waiter, Rodrigo, was more than attentive and suggested that I go for the pastrami on rye cut lean. Of course, the Jewish penicillin had to be chosen as my soup – Matzo Ball. I had the soup first and it was delicious. Along with the tasty slaw and pickles that had a touch of brininess and saltiness to them this was a perfect preface to my upcoming sandwich. I knew that it was going to be piled high with pastrami and I was not disappointed. Just delicious, and so very lean. Not an ounce of fat on this meat. Dabbed on a little deli mustard and enjoyed every bite. Washed it all down with a can of Dr Brown’s Diet Cherry soda – yeah, I’m fooling myself with this diet stuff!!!

Piled high lean Pastrami sandwich!

Total damage was around $20 – not bad for all the food you actually get with what I ordered. Is it cheap here? Heck no – it’s downright expensive, but what I ordered is a good option. Also, I had no problem with the staff and service here. Everyone seemed friendly if a bit frazzled by the crowd. Everything came out pretty quickly and was just terrific. Like I said, I am not going to compare this spot with other deli’s just for the sake of being a hater as so many people seem to do. I had an enjoyable taste of Jewish goodness here and would definitely go back for more.

Mazal Tov!

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20 thoughts on “Shalom! 2nd Ave Deli on the Upper East Side NYC!”

  1. That is quite confusing with the 1st Ave v 2nd Ave name and location detail.

    The food looks very hearty and filling. I would be quite put off by those prices though.

  2. I love matzo ball soup! I made a great recipe for it this year from Food and Wine, it was delicious ๐Ÿ™‚ All the food in your photos is making me hungry!

  3. Never been to the 2nd Ave. Deli but definitely need to give this one a shot. That matzo ball soup looks incredibly good, even in this heat ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll skip the pastrami and corned beef and go for the turkey–boring! But I’ll definitely od on the pickles.

  4. Craving a New York Deli, and a Corned Beef Special, and Pickles sooo much! I already make the Matzoh Ball Soup at home, with real rendered chicken fat in the matzoh balls too, though my matzohs tend not to be the size of an infants head. Besides, the size of the sandwiches alone at a New York Jewish Deli could feed one person for a week, except that they taste so good, I just keep going in for another bite. Shalom.

    1. Hey Peggy!

      It’s like we know how much food is there yet we can’t stop ourselves from eating it all! Gluttony!

      I bet you make a kick ass Matzo Ball soup! Yeah, this one is the size of a small animal, but oh so good!

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