Shaken, not stirred. Lexington Bar & Books in NYC.


You ever fantasize about being a spy and wish you had a licence to kill – a la 007 James Bond? Well, pop on your tux or spiffy suit, jump into your Aston Martin, and head on over to Lexington Bar & Books.

Had a chance to experience this place one night and just had a terrific time. Yes, you have to be dressed up a bit to gain entrance and the dress code is enforced. Coming from work I had on dress slacks, shoes, a polo collared shirt, and a blazer. More than efficient to pass by. Press the buzzer to get in and a hostess will open the door to seat you.

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The decor reminded me of being in an older wealthy person’s library. The line from Anchorman kept popping into my head – “I am a very important person. I have many leather bound books, and rich mahogany”. The atmosphere is a mix of classy and sexy, like a scene from a movie where you can picture clandestine spies passing notes under a table. Can be viewed as pretentious by some reviewers, but I saw it as more of an upscale relaxing place to kick back with a professionally mixed cocktail and smooth cigar. The ambiance is definitely more adult-like, and a welcome reprieve from the frat boy bars in the area, sports pubs, or crazier thumping bars of the LES nand UES where I reside.

Photo credit - Lexington Bar and Books
Photo credit – Lexington Bar and Books

The service was impeccable. The waitresses are all sexy Euro hotties. Russian and Polish women in tight red dresses. The men were all decked out in classic bar server attire – vests, ties, dress wear. We were constantly taken care of with drinks, cigars, and snacks for the table. Each time we had a need it was addressed immediately. Super attentive for sure.

Cocktail-d3571Our cigars were just so tasty. Nice selection to choose from. Our drinks were even tastier. I had the Vesper – which is Fleming’s original 007 cocktail (Vodka Martini shaken, not stirred). After a few of these and a smooth cigar I started speaking like Sean Connery as Bond himself. “Trebek – your mother’s a whore!” Sorry – couldn’t resist that SNL skit line.


Even though you could see this as a place for an older crowd we witnessed a diverse mix of 20 somethings, to some in their 30’s-40’s, to couples in their 50’s-60’s enjoying a good smoke over casual conversation. If you are looking for an upscale environment with classy ambiance to enjoy with a date, friends, or even by yourself for a cigar and drink this is an appropriate choice. Cocktails are a bit pricey as expected with their specialties in the $16 range, but they are fantastic. Cigars are also pricey but they have a stellar selection, and you can bring in your own for a $5 fee. Great music playing overhead at the appropriate conversation level. Just a very chill setting if this is your scene.

Photo credit - Ercan O - Yelp
Photo credit – Ercan O – Yelp


My name?


James Bond.




On certain nights there are also specials. Free cigar for the ladies on Monday, Whiskey tasting on Tuesday, and a selection of James Bond movies to enjoy. Shaken, not stirred.

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