Schaller’s Stube Sausage Bar – shove a wiener in yo’ mouth!

So many delicious weiners to choose from!

Dude! Now I know were to bite into a tasty wiener in Yorkville!

Schaller’s Stube Sausage Bar is a terrific new little brat and sausage bar opened by Schaller & Weber – old school purveyors of scrumptious German deli meats and charcuterie! It’s their version of German street food with a NYC cool twist.

There is nothing else like this tiny spot on the Upper East Side of NYC. Open until 11pm on most nights. Grab and go, or chow down on your wiener in the small dining room area that is set up with a modern beer hall feel to it. Walk up to the sidewalk storefront window and gaze upon the selection of amazing meats to choose from. Bratwurst, Knackwurst, Weisswurst, Bacon Cheddar Brat, Kielbasa, Beef Wieners  – OH MY!!!!

So much meat to shove in my face! It’s like a gangbang party in my mouth and I want them all in me!

( Wait – did I just say that out loud? )

o (2)
The epic Schaller Double!

All different kinds of toppings too – Sauerkraut, Sriracha, Curry Ketchup, Thazaki, and others. There are also seven specialty wursts on the menu that come with all kinds of toppings and flavors on a roll – the Schaller Double, The Berlin Wall, Saigon Special, The Checkpoint Charlie, Steuben’s Reuben, etc. I feel like I could eat my way through them all and pretend I’m Chuck Norris on a prisoner of war meat rescue mission movie.

o (4)
My mission is to shove all of these in my mouth!


o (5)
So much to choose from! I want it all!

I was in orgasmic delight as I engulfed a Schaller Double and made a mess all over my face. Well, that’s not the first time that’s happened. It won’t be the last. I have no shame in my game!

They even offer Fried Chicken here. Now, normally one would not think of a bratwurst German-centric kind of spot to have anything to do with fried chicken but let me tell you it was actually pretty solid! My fat gluttonous butt made my way back here over the weekend to grab a few pieces to bring home and sample. A couple of breasts and a leg. Crunchy crispy batter covering some seriously juicy large pieces of chicken. Not too greasy at all. Damn, this place is going all in and I might be in trouble on the way home from work each day. So much temptation. The struggle is real.

Some damn good fried chicken here too!

Holy cow! Now I want to touch myself!

( Um…..did I also say that out loud? )

o (7)
Cool little dining space.

Now that my part of town is getting more of these great joints like this popping up it remains to be seen what else takes up shop here as the 2nd Avenue Subway is getting closer to completion. Welcome to the hood Schaller’s Stube. Nothing beats shoving a delicious tube of meat down your throat! Wrap your lips around one of these bad boys and enjoy with no shame!

o (6)
Walk right up and choose your meat and toppings!




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22 thoughts on “Schaller’s Stube Sausage Bar – shove a wiener in yo’ mouth!”

  1. You are making me HUNGRY! You gotta stop that. That place looks amazing – it would be great to expirement and discover new tastes and textures. Germans make the best sausages – and beer, too. I have sausage envy! Sort of. Have a great week and keep strong these great NYC joints with us who are less fortunate.

  2. Nothing beats a German knackwurst! Some of my sweetest childhood memories include driving to the border shops (my parents live close to Germany) to buy licorice, chocolate and Fanta. Afterwards we would round off the trip with a serving of ___-wurst at one of the cafeterias nearby:)

  3. I can’t even.
    I had NO idea there even WERE that many kinds of sausage.
    And I’ve been IN a sausage shop, but they also had several kinds of fruit-infused booze they were sampling so I never made it to the sausage section.
    This place looks like a sausage paradise all right!
    Stretch out your face holes, people. Those look HUGE.
    And then you might want to re-fuel w/some fried chicken.

  4. I want to try the Berlin Wall with the chicharones on it. Yummy!! Oh and I ‘ll take a breast and wing to go please.
    You seriously have the best places to eat all around you. So jealous.

  5. Hey Phil, you get two thumbs up and 10,000 points for your post (I’m German and love bratwurst.) However, I have to subtract 5,000 points for the “I wanna touch myself” comment. If you post a story about Jaeger Schnitzel and a good German beer, you might redeem yourself.

  6. One of my childhood friends was German and I must say I got to experience some first hand German Brats early on (and beer…shhh). This place looks incredible!

  7. This sounds like a place where men can congregate, grunt and dig in. My kind of joint! I think this would be a real struggle to not stop here every day … don’t be afraid to give in though, Phil! Represent!

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