Running Into A Lifestyle Change Head-On With No Fear.


A major life change is somewhat scary unless you have a plan to tackle it head on. I did, and am now taking life by the throat and laughing at fear’s face. Challenge accepted!

Just after participating in the Cupid’s Undie Run on Valentine’s weekend I decided that I needed a change. Not just giving up something for Lent (if you observe that) that we all go back to doing once it’s over. Not just something for a short while. Not just a New Year’s resolution kind of thing that fades. A real change. It’s never too late. A dramatic one that might just define my life moving forward.

Looking at the many pictures of myself at that event it was obviously clear that I had fallen into a rut. I was fat, bloated, and a bit tired looking. Stress at work, long hours, eating poorly, partying too much, and not getting enough sleep can wear down even the strongest of warriors. I have always thought of myself as indestructible, and my friends used to sometimes wonder how I kept it up. I was getting sick and tired of feeling like crap and knew the time had come. Especially as a guy who has recently hit a certain age I knew that I needed to treat my body better. The human body is a very resilient machine, but a machine needs to be taken care of, and maintained, or it breaks down like any other.

On February 15th the process of Phil 2.0 was initialized……

We can rebuild him……

We have the technology……


Here we are now six weeks later. It’s just an amazing feeling being back to my real self. Seeing the results in the mirror. Experiencing the results in the gym, and while out running the pavement. Dropping two pants sizes and now need to go clothes shopping – a love /hate thing there for us guys. Seeing the numbers change in the right direction on the scale. Feeling strong, fit, confident, and better than I have in a long time!

I started this journey six weeks ago determined to succeed, and so far I have been rewarded far beyond my expectations. Getting on the scale this morning I have now dropped 17 pounds! Most of it unwanted body fat, while still maintaining muscle mass and strength. I am right in the safe zone for weight loss by losing 2-3 pounds a week. I feel more energetic each day, eating right, and getting better sleep. I feel awake and alive!

Hard work and consistency is key!

There is no magic bullet, or diet fad, or simple trick to attain fitness results. It’s called hard word, dedication, and persistence. You must put in the time and effort to attain results. Each day, and week, calories out must exceed calories in. No skipping workouts. Cardio is a must. It’s called sweat equity. Even if you’re not in the mood find the motivation to get moving and do it. There really are no excuses. It’s just plain and simple hard work that garners results. You must sweat to make it happen. You must increase your metabolic rate so your body is burning calories while even at rest. Be consistent.

I run multiple nights a week at 3+ miles a clip. Ran a 5K race successfully a week ago, and entered for two more coming up. I hate running but still look forward to my run tonight! I’m kind of liking it more and more. It’s actually a good time to clear my head and rest my mind a bit. Gym time is sacred to me, and I schedule my weight training as if it’s a part of my everyday routine. No matter how late I get home from work I still make sure I train, whether it’s a run or banging the iron.

Frozen Penguin 5K race 3/13/16. Feeling good, losing weight, and earning that medal.

Six weeks ago I changed my whole nutritional intake. No more red meats, processed fatty and high caloric meals, fried foods, sugar laden foods, white flours, pastries, junk food, etc. In its place now is a diet that is lean protein based (fish/seafood), fruits, nuts, steamed vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, yams, low-cal/low-fat/low carb options, protein shakes, lots of water, etc. My body physically, and my mind mentally, feels so much better. Am I a Pescatarian now? Maybe for the time being.

How I sometimes feel when the cravings hit.

I cut back drastically on the beer and booze intake and it’s made a world of difference. In these six weeks I have had just one beer and two glasses of wine. Yes, really. No red meats at all, and honestly I don’t miss it. Again, yes, really! No more red meat, or chicken or turkey. Unbelievable, right? Good thing I love fish! Cod, salmon, tilapia, etc.

I’m always looking to mix and match healthy ingredients when cooking.


Salmon has become one of my best meals now. Always with veggies on the side.

I cook at home now a lot for dinner. I have taught myself how to prepare simple, tasty, and healthy meals. Chef Phil in the house! The kid has skills! We plan a date night and only go out to eat once a week. Even our weekly cheat meal is still not that bad. At the movies we just share a diet soda. It’s about doing all the little things that add up to make a difference. It’s a lifestyle change that we both needed, and what a better time to start than in winter so that when summer rolls around we are ahead of the game. Along with improving our overall health it’s a game plan we are sticking with for the long run.

Baked cod is another I am liking. On a bed of brown rice or cous cous.

I know that we have declined invites to go out with friends a lot lately, or even had to blow off some that we were thinking of joining, so I apologize and ask that you all be patient. We love our friends and miss everyone, but at this point in our lives we need to do this for ourselves, and for our health. I’ll be back in due time to hang out and have fun. Ripped and in killer shape for summer shenanigans!

image (1)


If I can do this anyone can! Thanks for all your support!

Summer is just around the corner. So, what are you doing now to make a difference in your life for the better?

32 thoughts on “Running Into A Lifestyle Change Head-On With No Fear.”

  1. Congratulations on your wellness tour, and continued success with that. I have a close friend who is a runner. If you saw a picture of us standing side by side, you would easily guess which one is him… Maybe I should start a better health regimen. You have me thinking along those lines.
    Myke Todd recently posted…Passion PitMy Profile

  2. Kudos Phil!!!!! I’m on the same journey and it’s not easy.
    I damn near need my pants at that Family Guy meme…funniest ever!

  3. Good for you Phil, but I’m going to miss the food blog posts.

    I made a drastic lifestyle change myself last year when we moved to Mississippi and bought a bed and breakfast. If that’s not a life change, I don’t know what is. Culture shock, geographic shock, dietary shock, all kinds of shock. Mentally, it was exactly what I needed. I had gotten so burned out doing what I was doing I didn’t even realize how much weight I was carrying around on my shoulders. I feel so much lighter and happier now.

    Good for you and keep it up. I want regular reports.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt
    Patricia recently posted…The Best Laid Plans Of An InnkeeperMy Profile

  4. You’re the man Phil 😀 Putting yourself and your health first is nothing to apologize for, because true friends want what’s best for you, and we’re cheering you on!

    1. Hey Alexandra!

      So sorry for the really delayed reply! I can’t believe I forgot to reply back to comments here. My bad – whip me with a wet noodle! Thanks so much!

      You see my stuff on Facebook so you can see the results. It’s just hard work and determination.
      filbio310 recently posted…The Golden Showers of Blog Spam!My Profile

  5. Good on you Phil and well done! It isn’t easy to make a conscious decision to get fit especially when you don’t feel like it!

    We’re all getting to a certain age where “toning” is necessary. I’m so for hard work, dedication, and no fads. I don’t eat a lot of red meat either these days as I really like fish. Lots of my friends are vegans but I’m not going down that road as I have a complete nut allergy and some fruit plus I want my teen son to have a healthy balanced diet!

    I drink champs and the odd glass of wine at home, but I don’t drink coffee as I prefer pretty weak tea with one level-spoon of sugar, lots of milk, and plenty of fresh air!
    Victoria recently posted…Is it safe to travel to Belgium or Europe?My Profile

    1. Hey Victoria!

      So sorry for the really delayed reply! I can’t believe I forgot to reply back to comments here. My bad – whip me with a wet noodle! Thanks so much!

      I also have vegan friends but I can’t go that far. I love my fish too much.
      filbio310 recently posted…The Golden Showers of Blog Spam!My Profile

    1. Hey Clay!

      So sorry for the really delayed reply! I can’t believe I forgot to reply back to comments here. My bad – whip me with a wet noodle! Thanks so much!

      Now is the time to start any health and fitness program. Do it during winter so by Spring it’s much easier and you’ll be ready for summer.
      filbio310 recently posted…The Golden Showers of Blog Spam!My Profile

  6. I’m slowly doing this, too. Thankfully. I just finally got sick of it and needed to fix. So I’m pushing myself to do more. Eat better. I have a log book where I am keeping notes of everything I eat/do. It’s going to be a long road for me, but one I hope to stay on and work at as I move forward. Good for you, too. I can’t do all you’re doing … but I know some of the things you are saying is what I am trying as well. Keep it up!
    P.J. recently posted…It’s time to actually fix myselfMy Profile

    1. Hey PJ!

      I know exactly what you’re going through. Sounds like you’re off to a great start. Just stick with it. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t give up!

  7. I have been having difficulties with adjusting with this new lifestyle I am trying. But, reading your article just motivated me to keep going because it will all be worth it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas! Great article!

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