Rum, Unicorns, and Cienfuegos NYC.

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Chalk up another one for The Gluttony Files! You have to figure that with the amount of bars and fun drinking holes all over NYC that I would end up polluted at a good amount of them. This one involved a whole lotta rum!


Did I really ride a purple unicorn over rainbows while dropping acid last night?

Cienfuegos had me tripping the light fantastic. I still don’t know what happened but I hope I can show my face in public today without getting arrested.

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A decor that looks a fairly land scene from True Blood. Everything is pastel colored, sparkling lights, large over sized chairs, and candle lit. It is almost like entering a speakeasy with it’s narrow stairway to the second floor and being greeted by a statue of the Blessed Mother. Huh? Ok – bless the hangover I will end up with after this!

Service is super on-point and our waitress was chipper and friendly, while offering terrific suggestions. I liked that the girls working the floor all had retro outfits on like back in 1960’s Cuba, and some with tattoos. Very cool look. The place was hopping and everyone was in a cheerful mood. It’s like a party on Friday night.

What can I say other then get a punch bowl. You have to. It’s a must. It’s all about the rum. A lot of rum. We had the “Intro To Awesome” punch bowl. Damn, that was good, and a lot for two. Served in a silver chalice bowl with mismatched tea cups I made sure not one drop was left.

l (4)At this point we were ravenous. Everything here is served tapas style which was perfect for us to share. The plantain chips came with delicious guacamole and black bean dip. The combo slider plate had a braised beef slider, a Cuban style sandwich, and a fritta Cuban style slider. Again, so freaking good. We had to end this with their house made churros which were pretty amazing! Served in a large cup there were a lot of crispy, airy, warm, and sugary churros to eat along with a dulce de leche and a bitter chocolate sauce to dip in. Finger licking good!

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l (1)A classy touch is getting the bill served in a cigar box. Oh yeah, before we left I had to get their house Zombie drink served in a glass skull mug. They even hand you a card listing the ingredients and warn that only one is allowed per customer. I laughed in defiance. Heck, we had pre-gamed at Death & Company before coming here. I don’t remember too much after that. I really hope no one took video or snapped pictures.

Also, I vaguely remember the waitress giving us a few complimentary shots that had brandied cherries in them. I do remember feeling like drunk Gumby and almost falling down the stairs. I hope I’m allowed back here again!

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19 thoughts on “Rum, Unicorns, and Cienfuegos NYC.”

  1. I am so jealous of all the great places you have to eat! And anything with rum is always a plus in my book 🙂 It looks like the food was yummy and getting free shots always puts a place high on my list!

  2. Thank you so much for not only making me hungry, but also reminding me of how much I miss civilization in general and trips to NY specifically. Help me, I’ve fallen in the Midwest and I can’t get up.

  3. This was just amazing! I love quirky little places that have a style all their own…I will remember this next time I hit the big apple.

  4. Oh, Phil, that looks like MY kinda FUN! If I ever hit NYC, I’m getting your recommendations! That food looked like heaven on a plate and the Zombie drink…hell yeah, count me in! After my two-night stand with Rum in the caribbean, I’m a happy addict. 😉

    Oh, and I’m stealing your button to throw on my “Crazy-Good Bloggers” page.

    1. Hi Terrye!

      This place is worth a trip for sure. So many good spots to hit up if you ever escape Alaska and find yourseld in NYC.

      Then again, I would also love to visit Alaska myself! 🙂

  5. I’d love to go back and visit Alaska myself…in the summer. 😉 We’re living in Arizona now, I couldn’t handle the winters any more. I hope you make it to AK. Check out May travel times; almost no tourists.

    1. Hi Terrye,

      I was just over in AZ last year in the Gilbert/Mesa area visiting family. Such nice country out there. Definitely warmer than Alaska I bet!

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