Really? Christmas, the Flu, NYC Road Rage. What is going on?


Really, wasn’t it Halloween just less than a week ago? I literally still have the taste of this holiday in my mouth as there are plastic buckets full of candy and chocolates strewn about the office I work in and I just can’t keep my hands out of them. Chocolate drool down my chin. This time of year really tests my resolve which is disappearing as the days go on. First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, which then leads to Christmas and New Years. There are only 47 days until Christmas! Only 7 weeks. Just 7 weekends to get all that horrendous shopping done. Hold on now, let’s backtrack a bit. Halloween just ended. What gets me all riled up is that we are already getting bombarded with holiday commercials and Christmas merchandise in the stores. What the eff??? Really, can we just enjoy each holiday first before having the next one shoved down our throats and ripped through our buttholes? Why am I seeing ads for toys and gifts at the major retailers on October 28th? Why does my local Duane Reade already have boxes of Christmas wrap in the windows on November 5th? This lunacy needs to end right now! What’s next? July 4th sales the day after New Years? How about Christmas ads for 2015 the day after Easter? Makes me want to go all Bigfoot on these places and start throwing poop everywhere.


Also, what the heck is wrong with Florida? If it’s not one embarrassing story that is hard to believe another one comes out and tops it. The other day a 90 year old man and two pastors were arrested for giving food to the homeless. What is going on down there? Really? Like the police department have nothing better to do than charge a 90 year old for being a good samaritan? Now he faces 60 days in jail and a $500 fine all because of a recent ordinance banning public food sharings. A 90 year old man! A WW II veteran! All he was doing was showing compassion and humanity to our fellow man who are homeless and hungry. I’m really starting to think this whole country has a screw loose as I have heard other cities such as Fort Lauderdale have also passed ordinances such as this. It’s a sad day when we brush aside common sense and caring for some ridiculous laws based on flimsy justifications.


I also read this week here that a NYC MTA bus driver saw some dude that had been messing aroung with his old lady. He stabbed the cheating lothario in the arm. Lots of blood. Problem was the driver was in operation of his bus at the time. He pulled it to a stop, ran down the street after the other dude who was in his car, got in a fight with him, then stabbed him with a pocket knife! Really? This dude just threw his career down the drain over a cheating wife. He was arrested and charged. Talk about a case of road rage. Good thing the bus was empty. Unless everyone was scared shitless and hiding under their seats. Why does this sound like a Seinfeld episode? Where is Batman when you need him?


First it was ebola. Now we are getting bombarded with flu shot announcements of all kinds. Sure, we know winter is coming and flu season is approaching. We are exposed to all kinds of germs, colds, and flu day in and day out. Our coworkers coming in sick, people coughing and sneezing on mass transit we ride, and just being out in the general public can get us infected. Yet, people who are sick refuse to stay home. Really? So you would rather go out and get the rest of us sick too? Now, I’m not ranting about those who can’t afford to take a sick day. It’s more about those idiots who still go out to the bars, movies, public places, stores, restaurants, etc, and spread thier vile nastiness to all the rest of us when they should be home in bed taking it easy. It’s like some of these dolts just can’t give up a few days of going out to get better less they miss something by staying in. News flash – you’re not missing anything! Stay the heck away from me. Stay home! I wish we could stab these people in the brain like a walker on The Walking Dead. It would make me feel better!



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  1. Damn straight, Phil!

    For a while almost every post I wrote was about some Dumbass in Florida.

    As far as sick people go, let me offer you the same advice Phil did but in a more “colorful” way: If you are ill and/or contagious STAY. THE. FUCK. HOME! – Signed, Non-sick and/or Contagious People.

    1. Hey Emily!

      I walked into a subway car today. A guy started coughing and sneezing and I immediately walked right the heck out. I’ll wait a few minutes for an undiseased car!

  2. Funny you should mention the men who were arrested while feeding the homeless. One of the ministers is a good friend of mine—Dwayne Black. His group has been feeding the homeless for awhile. I thought it was shameful when the county changed the laws regarding this. As for the Christmas stuff—-yeah, it has gotten out of control. I heard my first Christmas music on a commercial the day after Halloween…ridiculous.

    1. Hey Marcia!

      Yup – I started to see Christmas stuff in the stores here in Manhattan the week of Halloween! It’s nuts!

      As for the feeding the homeless story I find it deplorable and sad that our country acts this way now.

  3. Wait! I NEED to see the person who came up with the idea of “banning public food sharing” how does that even come up in the world of ideas? Considering the way I eat off of my husbands plate and vise versa, I would be on death row according to this insanity.

    1. Hey 4fourgeorges!

      I’d also like to meet that person. Bet they are some upper crust snobby well to do’s who want to ignore the problem and make these poor folks invisible. Not in my neighborhood!

      Me and my gal always pick off each other’s food. I’d be on death row!

  4. I have a feeling that charges might be dropped against the 90 year old with all of the publicity. That’s just plain stupid. This is the ordinance of people who have never been down on their luck or homeless. I think THEY need to go to jail.

    1. Hey Mary!

      Agreed. Those that pass these inane rules are also those who have a nice place to live and food on their plates. Karma will have a way with them someday. I hope.

  5. I saw all the flu shot advertising, when I was in NYC and first I thought “what a great idea, have a shot and skip the flu”. Unfortunately, I later found out that the shot wasn’t a Fireball-kinda-shot but something you’ll get at the pharmacy..

  6. Goodness me Phil. What the hell is happening in the US of A. Old men taken to jail due to charity, which we should all be doing by the way. Ridiculous!
    As for the flu? Thank goodness, I live in Europe. People stay at home for the smallest cough so that’s alright!

    What’s really got my beef though is the fact that Xmas seems to be creeping in closer and closer. Germany has a lot more common sense and only has the Xmas Markets for 6 weeks and then they’re gone in a puff of angel dust! In Britain however, Harrods began to sell Xmas trees to tourists from China. In August!
    Makes sense.
    I guess!?!!!!!?!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      Yeah, we are a mess over here.

      One day I would love to check out the famous Kringle Mart in Germany.

      Christmas in August is so not right. Now you know why America dumped Britain back in 1776. Crazy Brits!

  7. I hate it! I went to Kohls the week before Halloween and they already had Christmas trees at the front door. Can we just please get through one holiday at the time?
    It makes me so sad that the pastor and those men got arrested. This society is crumbling around us. So awful!

    1. Hey Holli!

      Crap, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and stores here are stocked with Christmas stuff. By New Years there will be July 4th stuff out!

  8. There’s a reason why I say Madison Avenue only thinks of one holiday for the second half of the year. What’s’it called? “Happy Hallowthankamas”. I assert that they don’t care about any of the other holidays whatsoever… and Thanksgiving is included because I know it’s important to those in the grocery and food service (mostly buffet restaurants, I’m sure) businesses.

    Now, regarding influenza: I’m on disability. I’ll happily go to the urgent care to get a shot, but more often, a medical assistant at my physician’s asks me if I’ve had one and I answer, “Nope; let’s do this.” I practice some prevention– wash my hands, avoid handshakes if it’s not too rude, and carry a pressurized pen on my keychain so I’m not giving/taking viruses on a borrowed pen.

    More often than not, though, I just find my kids incubated a flu strain at school, and they’ve brought it home.

    1. Hey Jaklumen!

      Happy Hallowthankamas – HAHAHAHA!

      Sounds like you try to take care of flu prevention. Then those dang kids all go and get us sick! I think the purposely do that to us.

  9. Holtberg, you make some very valid points. Many valid points, but I can’t help but think that you may be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

    Brother, take it from a guy that is well past a nervous breakdown, chill homie!

    Christmas: It’s all part of the brain washing machine. Creating pressure, the pressure to make us buy stuff. If they didn’t put it in your face, then it wouldn’t be as effective. Personally, I don’t give a crap. My mom, son, wife, nephews, in laws, and sisters are the only people on my Christmas list.

    I agree with you about the old man in Florida. That’s pretty messed up. I’m hoping they will resolve it, and make this right. That’s just wrong. I’ll be talking about this tonight on my radio show.

    In regards to the jealous man, I’ve always said that jealousy is a wasted emotion. I know this from personal experience. As a young man I was your typical possessive hot blooded latino man. Now, the way I see it, if you want to cheat, or fack someone else, be my guest, I won’t try and stop you. I learned long ago, that if a person is gonna cheat, you simply can’t stop it. Why bother? Why try to trap or force someone to be with you? Hell no. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

    Now, about the sick people, again, I find myself agreeing with you. When I was working, I did desktop support, so I would always get sick, and could spread it. I’d take time off when I could, and when I couldn’t, well, tough luck folks. LOL. But it always some ahole on the desk that would get me sick, and in turn spread it to the floor. Crazy.

    I’ll catch you around brother, we need to get together soon, it’s been too long.

    1. Hey Angel!

      What up homeboy? Been a while. Hope all is well.

      Yeah, I think I need to chill out. Maybe drink a bottle of Nyquil and wake up in February. This Christmas brainwashing in Oct is driving me insane!

      Yeah, that dude is a 90 year old war vet. Show him some damn respect! He is just doing what we should all be doing. Helping each other.

      Dude, you live here in NYC. The subways are germ incubators during flu season. It freaks me out when people are sick near me in a crowded train!

      I need to relax……

      Yeah, we need to do some dim sum on day soon. Peace.

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