Raines Law Room NYC. Sexy, Secretive, Intoxicating.

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All I can say from my experience here the other night is that if Raines Law Room in NYC were a porn star she would be Jenna Jameson – one of the hottest and highest paid performers in the biz. Extremely sexy, alluring, and intoxicating. If you can get past the doorman after buzzing in you are greeted by a speakeasy decor of plush elegance and cool chicness.

I assume we were lucky to get right in on a Saturday evening around 11:30 at night with not so much as a reservation or even dressed properly. Plus, we had just come from a Belgian beer festival and were pretty much in the bag by then. We were told we could not get a seat in the lounge area but were welcome to hang out in the “kitchen” area. Walking past the couples and groups resting comfortably on the vintage couches enjoying thier cocktails I was more then looking forward to sampling a few of these classic concoctions myself.

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Plus, being a former bartender I had no problem hanging out where the mixoligists were showcasing their talents. We had ringside seats right up by the action, and the bartender working this evening, Theo, was an affable gent who engaged us in coversation while mixing up drink after drink. We let him choose a few different options for us and he did not steer us wrong. Bourbon based, strong, bold, and smooth all at once. After a few delicious drinks each, and by this time feeling no pain, we were totally taken in to the idea of the secret aura of this place. Dimly lit, shadowy, fun, and very James Bond-like. A classy joint.

Photo credit - Yelp
Photo credit – Yelp

The bar tab here was surely not cheap, but the ambience and quality sure made up for it. I do so look forward to my next enounter with this sexy secret den of cocktail mixology. Definitely a more adult-like place to enjoy a “civilized” evening of quiet partying. If looking for a suave spot to take a date and impress one has to look no further than Raines Law Room. Just remember to ring the doorbell first and tell the doorman you’ve arrived. Then hope you gain quick entrance into this subterranean world of sexy cocktail fun. If not, it’s worth the wait. Tell them Jenna sent ya.



Raines Law Room – http://www.raineslawroom.com/


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40 thoughts on “Raines Law Room NYC. Sexy, Secretive, Intoxicating.”

  1. Ooooh! This looks so sexy. I want to go there right away with my New Yorker boyfriend. I used to be a bartender too, and I love watching the “mixology.” Plus bartenders are usually hot…

    If I were a porn star, I’d want to be Jenna. She might be the only intelligent one out there. Plus, she’s made an empire for herself which doesn’t happen without a lot of hard work (no pun intended), and she’s gorgeous.

    You find the coolest places. Makes me want to book a trip to NYC. I love your city.
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    1. Hey Beth!

      Oh baby! I’m sure they could be. Slip on that little sexy black dress to go out and saunter up to the bar. It’s cocktail time!

    1. Hey Cindy!

      There are a bunch of hidden cocktail spots like this in NYC. I love these joints. Like a blast from the past. A better crowd in them too. No meathead frat boys!

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