Punxsutawney Phil Punks the Northeast!


I really think we are getting punked by the groundhog. Someone put him up to this. He is getting paid off. There must be some incriminating pictures floating around out there of him and the Easter Bunny or something. He really can’t be frickin’ serious about this can he? I mean, he proclaimed that spring was coming early. Old Man Winter was packing up and heading out on a long vacation. I am waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out laughing and telling all of us in the Northeast that he punked us.

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As I was walking home in this sloppy wet mess of a snowfall I was wondering what the heck was going on. Isn’t the first day of Spring coming soon? I’m thinking warmer sunny days and we get socked with cold air, snow, and rain. Not many of us up here are too happy in NYC right now. We are also hoping this doesn’t take a weird turn and switch over into a full blown snow storm. With global warning wreaking havoc on our weather patterns lately nothing would really surprise me. Why hasn’t Mayoro Bloombito enacted a new regulation of no snow after March 1st? He tries to rule over everything else! He’s too preoccupied with soda amounts right now.


Hey, at least in this era of internet access and telecommuting if it’s a total mess tomorrow I can always work from home. Even so, I’d rather be in the office as I like to be around other people and have access to certain files and info I use. I’m not sure if I could work from home full time. Think I would go stir crazy. I would miss my morning coffee and bagel from the stand that sits right outside our building. I need my buttered cinnamon raisin! That, and it’s gets kind of old sitting around in your underwear every day.

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I’m heading to bed and hoping that I don’t wake up to a mountain of snow outside.

Damn you Phil. I hope you are happy now.

24 thoughts on “Punxsutawney Phil Punks the Northeast!”

  1. I’m often amused by this groundhog thing you have going on in the US. Neither he nor the weathermen and all the science in the world can predict the weather correctly. Brace yourself it could be cold for a while just yet. More snow warnings here in the UK today. Can’t wait to see the daffodils then I know Spring has sprung.

  2. I totally forgot about the groundhog. I think it’s just a mechanism to give us enough hope to make it through the last month of winter. If Phil doesn’t give me the right answer, I go with Staten Island Chuck or any other groundhog that tells me spring is on its way.

    1. Hey Jill,

      I’m starting to lose my faith in Phil.

      I think I am going to start listening to his distant cousin groundhog “Louie the Louse” over in Newark, New Jersey. Can’t do any worse! 🙂

  3. definitely agreed. i want to be able to get through class without needing to defrost. and where is the sun?!

    it’s like we’re all bill murray in groundhog day.

    1. Hey Michelle!

      Now it’s sunny out. This weather is nuts. It is a Bill Murray movie! 🙂

      I need some warmth and lots of sunny days about now. So over winter.

  4. I have not thought about Phil in a long time because they don’t do that in England. I am sure that everyone in the states is tired of bad weather but just in case, working from home is not a super bad thing. I have done it for years. You just have to make sure that you have someone to meet for lunch a few times a week.

    1. Hi Cynthia!

      First day of spring and it’s cold like winter here in NYC. Just a long tiring winter season.

      I guess some people can handle working from home and enjoy it. I’m not built like that. Not disciplined enough either. My tv and fridge would be calling me!

  5. I don’t pay to the groundhog, never had. I think it’s ridiculous to relay the weather on some creature’s shadow. but then again, I guess he is someone to blame for the cold weather. I’m also wishing for sunny weather and hoping winter won’t last too long.

    have a good day.

    1. Hello Lissa!

      Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and reading!

      Of course it’s a ridiculous tradition, and we can easily blame that poor rodent Phil for messing up the weather. I think we are all wishing for the real Spring weather to arrive!

      Have a great week!

  6. Hahaha, so funny you should write this post. I was just thinking this morning-in this frigid weather-that damn groundhog was certainly wrong. WHAH, I want spring.

  7. I stopped trusting that groundhog. March is supposed to be in like a lion, out like a lamb. But some years it’s just in like a lion, in like a lion, in like a lion, over and over.

  8. That crazy groundhog. He is a prankster, to be sure. What’s funnier to me is that people who think that spring is here just because the calendar says so. I say a host on “Good Morning America” this morning wearing a sleeveless top as the weatherman talked about all the snow sweeping across the U.S. It’s too cold for sleeveless! It’s barely 35 degrees outside. Maybe she listened to P.Phil a little too eagerly. I think she should listen to the weather guy instead.

    1. Hello Juliann!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog! 🙂

      I hear ya! We saw a guy in a tshirt and shorts yesterday! He looked like an idiot. Now it’s going to snow tomorrow. WTF?

      I can’t wait until shorts weather. The groundhog is an evil little guy! Thanks for following my blog!

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