PROST! An historic beer garden in Astoria, NYC.

BH_logo_final_225x180There are certain things that go into my mindset when trying to dictate if somewhere or something I am reviewing is to be worthy of my accolades. I might not have the most discerning palate, or extensive knowledge of food and wine, but I like what I like. I’m a regular guy and pretty easy to please. I enjoy tasty food and fun places to drink and dine at along with friends that have similar likes. I’m a big fan of Czech and German beer, along with the comfort food that goes along with it. One of the terrific and historic establishments in the NYC area is the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden. Not too long ago a group of us ventured out to this famous beer garden in Astoria, Queens, for a day of debauchery and gut busting beer fun. What transpired during our time there made for some fun memories, and has me hankering for a return trip soon!

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– Commandeering a large picnic table with about 8-10 drunken partiers for hours and hours.

– Copious amounts of Czech and German beer downed throughout the day.

– Pitchers of beer coming to the table 2 by 2 as I remember through my drunken state.

– Definitely not the place to be if trying to stick to a diet!

yu– Devouring multiple Bavarian pretzels, brats, and kielbasa. Nothing like a tasty brat with a cold brew.

– More pitchers of beer coming to the table. MOAR! MOAR!

– The conversation totally disintegrating into sick twisted drunken discussions of raunchy sex, contorsion, and dirtiness. Oh My!

– The women in the group doing drunk yoga. Yes, this happened. In full public view.

– The men in the group giving a running commentary and play by play of this drunk yoga!

– Getting nice and toasted while taking enough disturbing pictures to start my own fetish sex site! (those pics will not be made public on this blog, sorry, the gang would castrate me)

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Oh, did I happen to mention that this place happens to be the oldest running beer hall/beer garden in the city? 100 years and still going strong. Really nice selection of German, Czech, and craft beers on tap. By the mug or pitcher. Terrific bratwurst, kielbasa, pretzels, and sauerkraut. Wonderfully large outdoor picnic bench style beer garden with umbrellas and lighting for nighttime drinking pleasure. Waitress service for beers to your table. Bathrooms are close by for taking care of business quickly. Security guards all around to keep the peace. You need to get on some long lines to purchase food but they move pretty quickly, so no big deal. There is also a dining room inside, and two or three bars on the inside/outside. This place is huge!

Just a perfect setting for a sunny afternoon, and the warm weather that has arrived also makes for a terrific evening under the stars downing some delicious brews and tasty treats. I love beer gardens, especially one that is a century old, and this is a NYC staple.

Good friends. Good times. Good beer. PROST!

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34 thoughts on “PROST! An historic beer garden in Astoria, NYC.”

    1. Hello!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciate the comment!

      If you enjoy an outdoors beer garden atmosphere, pichers of cold beer, and tasty brats, then yes, this is your kind of place. Mine too!

  1. Phil,

    I think you should start a Kramer bus tour of NYC eateries. I’d buy a ticket! Awaiting your food fetish website. LOL! Apparently there’s already a

    1. Hello Freddy!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting!

      Yeah, but you guys have great BBQ and Tex-Mex food that I can’t get up here! When I come down to see family in San Antonio we always hit up places like Rudy’s for some brisket!

  2. looks like a great place to visit – hungry and thirsty! I have a French white bean Cassoulet in the oven right now and glass of beer or wine sounds like a great idea, but falling asleep before a few more weekend to-dos are checked off, is not a good idea! Cheers!

  3. My 2nd home. Love the Bohemian Beer Garden.

    At it’s BEST is when they have their cultural festivals. Lots of history and more fun. The facility and owners are very pro community. I do like the fact that they are aware of noise and crowd control. It never gets to the point of out of control mayhem. The place as well as the surrounding area is always spotless.

    If you ever have a chance check out “The Polka Brothers”. They play everything from Billy Joel to R Kelly to George Michael to Gerry Rafferty to Genesis to Bare Naked Ladies. All with that polka beat. AWESOME>>>>>>>>>>>

    1. Hey Billy!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I like this place too. It’s good fun and great beer and food. Like a big community party in someone’s big backyard.

      I’ll definitely check it out again soon.

  4. It looks like one humongous beer festival! I dare say it was great fun and having food and the toilets so handy is a must.

    The drunken yoga sounds interesting, shame you can’t share it with us 😉

    1. Hey Jules!

      I like wine too but some spots just cry out for a good cold beer! Try some craft styles or even ciders as you might enjoy them! 🙂

  5. This looks great! I love anywhere that has good brats, they are delicious 🙂 It’s neat that it’s a beer garden and different from a typical bar setting.

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