Projectile blog vomiting all over NYC for two years now!


Has it really been two years since I started posting my ridiculous thoughts, observations, gluttony, and depravity on this blog The Regular Guy NYC? Looking back over my scribble it just so happens that October is my two year anniversary of this madness that I have been vomiting out all over this blog. Where did the time go? In the words of the legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy – “Well, that escalated quickly”. I don’t know about you all but sometimes I can’t even believe the stuff that gets splattered all over this blog, and for some reason you all keep reading it. It’s like a pain and pleasure thing. It hurts so good, but you keep coming back for more. Like a car wreck that you can’t turn away from. I keep posting and you can’t seem to stop staring at my insides cooking like road pizza on the hot asphalt. What can I say? Many of you are just as demented, vile, raunchy, and sick as I am. I dig crazy, and really appreciate all of the support, comments, and feedback I have received and continue to receive here, even if it borders on stalking. By the way, does this rag smell like chloroform? Come, step into my unmarked white van of blogging!


There is just so much to talk about living here in NYC that it oozes out of me like some parasitic germ that makes me spew all over the sidewalks of this wretched and beloved metropolis of mine. Manhattan is like that crazy ex that you can’t seem to escape, and somehow on drunken lonely booze filled nights, you end up in bed with it again for a booty call of addiction and self loathing. Over and over. It lures you in with it’s sexy talk, exciting persona, and mischievous smile. Then after you wake up tied to the bed you realize that many years have gone by and you’re trapped in it’s clutches. Sucking all the money out of your pockets on overpriced rent, amazing entertainment, fabulous eateries, terrific events, non-stop nightlife, and a fast paced lifestyle that’s irresistible. It’s as if Lady Liberty herself is giving you the ultimate blowjob and she is determined to suck you dry! Not that I’m complaining though! I’m quite satisfied, but not totally drained yet! Keep sucking NYC!

Also, there is just too much darned good food here. I swear if I didn’t have a gym membership I would look like Jabba the Hut by now. It doesn’t help my fitness cause that dang near everything delivers. How lazy can a person be to have bagels and cream cheese delivered on Sunday morning, then have beer, pizza and wings dropped by for football, and then have a movie along with ice cream and Red Vines personally delivered to your door that night? It’s total gluttony! We can actually live a sloth like existence here in NYC and never leave our apartments for anything. In fact, I think some people do. I swear I have never seen half the people living on my floor. I disgust myself as I have spent an occasional weekend day never leaving my couch surrounded by empty food cartons and pizza boxes. Damn you Seamless! Damn you!


Don’t even get me started on the boozing I do here. My liver hates me. If there is even anything left of it by now. Where I live along Second Ave on the Upper East Side it’s just bar after bar after bar. Now we have recently seen an influx of craft beer and cocktail joints open up in the hood. It’s like living in the Red Light District and each bar you pass by is dancing almost naked in the windows trying to entice you in with a lap dance of libations. Of course, I am pulled in for a sip and end up stumbling out with the lipstick kisses of beer, bourbon, and vodka imprinted on my neck and face. That’s when I get slapped after I get caught and pay for my indiscretions with my many liquor mistresses. I can’t help myself as I am seduced pretty easily when it comes to a good drink. They are evil women for sure. Fun, but evil!

Again, I thank you all for dropping by to read my blog, comment on my postings, and reach out to me. It’s because of you all that I keep on keeping on here. I have met many talented people who write, experienced many cool things, and learned a lot over these past two years because of this forum where I’m allowed to let loose and embellish on my life and loves of NYC. I guess I’ll keep doing this, and as long as people still enjoy my tales and adventures, I won’t stop as The Regular Guy NYC just won’t slow down. On to year three with more boozing, food porn, ranting & raving, and general foolishness!


( Seriously though, he really won’t let me stop. He has me locked in a basement closet with a flashlight, laptop, beef jerky, and internet access. Send help! I should have never stepped in that van. He said he had candy and bacon! )

36 thoughts on “Projectile blog vomiting all over NYC for two years now!”

  1. WTG, Phil!

    You’ve accomplished more blogs in two years…

    You’ve posted more blogs in the last two months than I have all year. And, all of them were fun and informative and fattening as hell.

    Keep ’em coming!

    I’d say I’m over my hiatus, but I’ve said that before and haven’t delivered. You’ll see. Once a week. No exceptions. No excuses. Soon. Very soon. I’m building an arsenal.

    Seriously? Delivery of Red Vines? You’ve got the life, man. Me? I had to crawl into a nearly empty jar of peanut butter for my late-night sweet-tooth fix last night. So. Not. Fair.

    1. Hey Gloria!

      I guess you’ll just have to get your food jollies from reading my blog. Also, ice cream being delivered right now. Maybe I’ll have beer and wine delivered too. I need blog writing incentive!

      Thanks for sticking with me these two years!

  2. Happy blogiversary Phil! Thanks for the entertainment and NYC insights. Looking forward to reading more of your torrid affair with the Big Apple.

  3. Laissez les bons (food porn) temps rouler! New York is never going to run out of choices. But we are all grateful that you’re willing to sacrifice liver and body mass for the cause. Here’s to the next two years of The Regular Guy NYC.

    1. Hey Barb!

      At this point my liver and body mass is the sacrificial virgin to my boozing and gastronomic exploits. The things I do to myself for blog fodder. I appreciate all the blog love!

  4. Here’s to many more year, many more review, many more off-Broadway plays and many more races (you do the Mudders, I’ll do the flat, clean courses).
    Happy Blogaversary!!

    1. Hey Teri!

      Thanks so much! This blog thing is almost as much fun as getting all muddy and dirty. Except I can sit here naked with a beer while blogging. Naked mud runs might not be a wise idea.

    1. Hey Cassandra!

      I appreciate the love! I had no idea I would still be doing this after two years. Lots of crazy stuff to come. If my body holds out!

  5. Many congratulations Phil on your fabulous first 2 years.

    You work really hard at this so it is little wonder that it is working out so well for you. Keep it going.

    You are also very supportive and encouraging to other bloggers so it is little wonder that you’ve made so many connections and friends. I’m delighted to be one of them.

    What you say is correct, NYC is such a wealthy of events, people, food, drink and a lot more. I’ve only been for 1 weekend yet reading your site I’ve learnt so much.

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Guy!

      Thanks so very much. It means a lot coming from you and all the great bloggers that read and support my blog. Your support keeps me motivated!

  6. Yayyyy for you. This country mouse loves reading about all the unbelievable restaurants and bars in NYC. It kind of makes me want to live in Tokyo, KL, Bangkok again, But I’d have to go back to work. 🙂

  7. Fantastic picture (of vomiting out of every orifice) – I don’t know where you finds them!

    Craft beers float my boat as well; such a wide and expanding selection on offer around the world.

    Congratulations on your blogging anniversary; I wish you many more (disgusting) years ahead.

    1. Hey Gary!

      I have a warped imagination and someone dig these images up. The internet is a strange thing. Thanks for the blog love and your comments. Glad to have you aboard!

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